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Song Name: Mohe De Darasana Giridhari

Official Name: None

Author: Traditional

Book Name: None

Language: Hindi





mohe de daraśana giridhārī

torī sāńvarī surata pe maiń vārī



yamunā taṭ hari dhenu chaḍāve

madhura madhura svara veṇu bajāve

kāńdhe kamariyā kārī



mora mukuṭa pītāmbara sohe

dekha rūpa muni-jana mana mohe

kuṇḍala kī chavī nyārī



vṛndāvana meń rāsa racāve

gopa-gopīkā sańga mil gāve

nūpura kī dhun pyārī



Refrain: Please allow me to see You, Giridhari! I have given up myself to Your enchanting face!


1) On the banks of the Yamuna River, You tend the cows! You play very sweet melodies on Your flute! You have blanket draped over Your shoulder.


2) He is adorned with a crown with a peacock feather on His head and appears resplendent with His yellow cloth. This form of His attracts the minds of saintly persons. Your ear-rings dazzle in a splendorous way!


3) You sport and relish mellows in Vrndavana. The cowherd boys and girls accompany you and sing to Your loving melodies from Your ankle bells.



This bhajan is popularized by Sudha Malhotra in her ISKCON album released via Bhakti 1987 “Nama Smaran.” It was sung in Raga Bhairavi in Kaherva Tala.


UPDATED: October 16, 2017