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Song Name: Mrtu Sisu Loye

Official Name: Soka Satana Song 12

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




mṛta śiśu lo'ye tabe bhakata-batsala

bhakata-sańgete gāya śrī-nāma-mańgala



gāite gāite gelā jāhnabīra tīre

balake satkāra koilo jāhnabīra nīre



jāhnabī bolena mama saubhāgya apāra

saphala hoilo brata chilo je āmāra



mṛta śiśu dena gorā jāhnabīra jale

uṭhali jāhnabī debī śiśu loya kole



uṭhaliyā sparśa gorā-caraṇa-kamala

śiśu kole preme debī hoya ṭalamala



jāhnabīra bhāba dekhi' jata bhakta-gaṇa

śrī-nāma-mańgala-dhwani kore anukhaṇa



swarge hoite debe kore puṣpa-bariṣaṇa

bimāna sańkula tabe chailo gagana



ei rūpe nānā-bhābe hoiyā magana

satkāra koriyā snāna koilo sarba-jana



parama ānande sabe gelo nija ghare

bhakatibinoda māje gorā-bhāba-bhare



(1-2) Lord Caitanya, Who is so affectionate to His own devotees, then took the dead boy and, along with all the devotees, began to chant the most auspicious sound vibration of the holy names. Thus singing and singing, they all arrived on the bank of the Ganga (the Jahnavi). Then they performed the proper funeral rites with some water from the Ganga.


3) The personified Gangamayi, Sri Jahnavi-devi, then appeared herself and said, "Such unlimited auspicious fortune has become mine today! Now I have achieved the successful fruits of all the vows and penances I had undertaken!"


4) Then Lord Caitanya personally put the boy's body into the river. Immediately thereafter, Jahnavi Devi picked up the body and took him on her lap.


5) Bringing the dead boy out of the water, she touched the lotus feet of Lord Gaura. With the body still on her lap, she began to tremble in ecstatic love for the Lord.


6) Seeing such an ecstatic mood being exhibited by Sri Jahnavi Devi, all the assembled devotees there immediately began chanting the auspicious holy names incessantly.


7) From the heavens, the demigods began to shower flowers like rainfall. They crowded in the sky, almost blocking out the sunlight with their innumerable airplanes.


8) In this way, everyone on all sides was absorbed in various ecstasies. After performing the funeral rites, they all took their bath in the Ganga.


9) In great happiness, everyone then returned to their respective homes, and Bhaktivinoda is now completely immersed in the transcendental ecstasies of Lord Gaurasundara.



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