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Song Name: Natha Hari Jagannatha Hari

Official Name: Song 9

Author: Jayadeva Goswami

Book Name: Gita Govinda

Language: Sanskrit





nātha hare jagannātha hari

sīdati rādhā'vāsa-gṛhe



paśyati diśi diśi rahasi bhavantam

tad-adhara-madhura-madhūni pibantam



śrī-jayadeva-kaver idam uditam

rasika-janaḿ tanutām atimuditam



1) O my master, Hari! O Lord of the Universe, Hari! Srimati Radharani is in Her hiding spot woefully awaiting for you.


2) While She is alone, She fantasies that You are everywhere She sees. You sip the honey from Her lips, as if She was actually there.


3) The poem of Jayadeva Goswami describes the loving exchange between Radha and Krsna. May this poem be enjoyed by the devotees of rasika bhava.



This song is to be rendered in Raga Gunakri in Rupak Tala or in Raga Darbari in Tintal/Adi Talam.


These three verses the most commonly sung from the song. Due to the intense rasika nature of this song and the popularity of these three verses, only these three verses will be posted on the website.


UPDATED: November 8, 2015