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Song Name: Nirjana Kutire Sri Radha Carana

Official Name: Siddhi Lalasa Song 6

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




nirjana kuṭīre śrī rādhā-caraṇa

smaraṇe thākibā rata

śrī rūpa majarī dhīre dhīre āsi

kahibe amaya



bolibe o sakhi! ki koro basiya,

dekhaha bahire asi

yugala milana śobha nirūpama

hoibe caraṇa



svārasikī siddhi braja-gopī dhana

parama-cacala sati

yogīra dheyana nirviśeṣa jāna

na pāya ekhane



sākṣāt darśana madhyāhna līlāya


yakhana ye seva koroho yatane

śrī rādhā-caraṇe dhāni



1) In my solitary cottage, I will constantly remain absorbed in the remembrance of Sri Radha's lotus feet. By and by, I will see Sri Rupa Manjari slowly approaching. Coming up to me, she will then begin saying some very nice things to me.


2) She will say, "Oh sakhi! My dear friend, what are you doing sitting here? Just come outside here and look --- just see Who is coming! The Divine Couple will now perform Their splendors, unparalleled transcendental meeting, and today you will be one of the maidservants at Their lotus feet!"


3) The perfections of their personal mellows which are individually exhibited by each of the gopis of Vraja are all the real treasures of Vrndavana, and these individual moods are intelligently fickle and chaste. The so-called meditations of the yogis, or the impersonal speculations of the Brahmavadis cannot get any foothold within the realm of such transcendental mellows as those which are naturally exhibited by the gopis.


4) Seeing Them personally coming and performing Their midday pastimes there at Radha-kunda, I have become very much desirous to serve the lotus feet of Sri Radha. And whenever I get the opportunity to render some small service, I will perform that service with the greatest care and attention, and I will thus become rich with the treasure of Her lotus feet.



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