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Song Name: Ohe Bhai Mana Keno Brahma Hote Cay

Official Name: Upadesa: Song 8

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru

Language: Bengali




ohe bhai, mana keno brahma ho'te cay

ki ascarya ko'bo ka'ke, sadopasya bolo' ja'ke,

ta'te keno apane misay



bindu nahi hoy sindhu,bamana na sparse indu,

renu ki bhudhara-rupa pay?

labha matra aparadha, paramartha hoy badha,

sayujya-badhir hay hay



e heno duranta buddhi, tyaji' koro' sattva-suddhi,

anvesaha pritir upay

'sayujya'-'nirbana'-adi, sastre sabda dekho jadi,

se-sabe bhaktir ange jay



krsna-priti phalamoy, 'tattvamasi', adi hoy,

sadhaka carame krsna pay

akhanda anandamoy, brndabana krsnaloy,

parabrahma-svarupa janay



ta' ho'te kirana-jala, brahma-rupe sobhe bhalo,

mayika jagat camatkar

maya-baddha jiba tahe, nirbrta hoite cahe,

suryabhave khadyoter praya



jadi kabhu bhagyodoye, sadhu-guru-samasroye,

brndabana sammukhete bhay

krsnakrsta ho'ye tabe, ksudra-rasa-anubhave,

brahma chari' parabrahme dhay



sukadira su-jibana, koro' bhai alocana,

e dasa dhoriche taba pay



1) Oh brothers! Why does my rascal mind desire to merge into the Brahman effulgence? How astonishing it is! And to whom shall I admit it? My dear mind, please tell me why you want to merge yourself wit that Supreme Brahman, considering it to be the most worshipable thing?


2) A drop of water certainly has the qualities of the ocean, but is obviously not the ocean itself in quantity. A small dwarf cannot possibly touch the moon, despite his best intentions. And a handful of dust can never assume that it has become a mountain. Alas! Alas! Such a pitiful position is foolishly upheld by those who advocate the philosophy of merging into the Lord's bodily effulgence! The only profit from such doctrines is that it will make one become offensive towards the Lord, which will hinder one from attaining the supreme objective of devotion


3) Renouncing this mischievous mentality of trying to artificially merge, my dear mind! Just purify your existence and start searching for the process of getting real love for Krsna. If you would just try to understand the statements of the revealed scriptures, you will find that all the conceptions like sayujya (oneness with the Lord), and nirvana (the highest blissful absorption) are actually different features which are automatically achieved by devotion, fro these benefits are unconsciously following the process of service to the Lord.


4) Statements like "tat tvam asi" (you belong to Krsna) are fully permeated with real tangible love for Krsna, and meditating on such Veda statements helps the aspiring devotee to ultimately attain the shelter of Krsna's lotus feet. Then one will gain residence in Krsna's transcendental abode of Vrndavana, which is completely pervaded with supreme, undivided bliss. Thus one will come to know the original personal form of Parabrahman, Who is situated far beyond the impersonal Brahman effulgence.


5) The network of transcendental rays emanating from His body form the splendorous light known as the Brahman effulgence, which is powerful enough to amaze the entire collection of material universes. If any of the conditioned souls desire to become content by merging into that glowing light, then that would be just like being satisfied at night with the glow of lightning bugs in the absence of the sun. The insignificant light emitted by such insects will certainly never serve as a replacement for the radiant sun, and similarly the devotees of Krsna is never content to merge with the Brahman effulgence, which is very feeble in comparison to the Lord's original form of bliss.


6) If ever there is dawning of one's good fortune, then one will see Vrndavana shining gracefully before his very eyes due to taking complete shelter of the virtuous devotees and spiritual masters. Then, becoming irresistibly attracted by Krsna, one runs and chases after His (the Parabrahman). Thus he simply leaves aside the insignificant realization of merging with the Brahman effulgence, for gets completely overwhelmed by the slightest contact with Krsna's transcendental mellows.


7) Discuss and deliberate on this, my friends, make your life successful just like the great sages like Sukadeva, Narada, Vyasa etc., who all gave up Brahman realization by becoming attracted by Krsna, and then this servant Bhaktivinoda will hold on to your feet.



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