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Song Name: Om Hrim Pram Ksraum

Official Name: Nrsimha Kavaca Bica Mantra

Author: Traditional

Book Name: None

Language: Sanskrit



oḿ hrīḿ praḿ kṣrauḿ

ugra vīraḿ mahāviṣṇu

jvalantam sarvato mukhaḿ

nṛsimhaḿ bhiṣaṇaḿ bhadraḿ

mṛtyor mṛtyuḿ namāyahaḿ



'May my head be protected by the moon colored one, who is the greatest among humans. My obeisances unto the ferocious and powerful, the great Visnu, the fiery one, who's faces are on all sides, the fearful one, Nrsimha, who causes the death of even death personified, (or who can overcome death)



This verse is chanted in Mayapura as a substitute to the traditional Nrsimha prayer.


Devotees chant this mahamantra on Nrsimha beads.


UPDATED: July 4, 2009