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Song Name: Ore Mana Ki Bipada Hoilo Amar

Official Name: Upalabdhi: Anutapa-laksana-upalabdhi Song 4

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru

Language: Bengali




ore mana, ki bipada hoilo amar!

mayar duratmya-jvare, bikar jibere dhore,

taha hoite paite nistar



sadhinu advaita mata, jahe maya hoy hata,

bisa sebi' bikar katilo

kintu e durbhagya mor, bikar katilo ghora,

biser jvalay prana gelo



"ami brahma ekamatra", e jvalay dahe gatra,

ihar upay kiba bhai?

bikar je chilo bhalo, ausadha janjal ho'lo,

ausadha-ausadha kotha pay?



maya-datta ku-bikar, mayavada bisa-bhar,

e dui apada nibarana

hari-namamrta pana, sadhu baidya-subidhana,

sri-krsna-caitanya sri-carana



1-2) Oh my dear mind, just see what calamity has befallen me now! My soul is captured in a perverted delirium due to maya's cruel tyrannical treatment, which burns me with material miseries just like fire. A with a hope of becoming freed from all this, I took to the path of non-dual monistic mayavada philosophy, which finishes all of maya's troubles when one merges with the "oneness". Thus drinking poison, I have successfully become rid of the disturbing delirium of maya. But just see what an unfortunate mishap has arisen now! Although the difficulties caused by the material world have been eradicated, my life is now being vanquished by the burning poison of threat deadly mayavada philosophy.


3) By thinking "I am only spirit", one certainly burns up any attachment to the material body. But is that the real final remedy, oh mind, my dear brother? Certainly it is good that the disturbance of material tribulations has been relieved, but the so-called "medicine" of the mayavada philosophy has now become an unwanted burden, another trouble all over again. So now tell me where you will get the medicine which will cure this "medicine"?


4) These two dangers: 1) nasty troubles given by maya, and 2) the poisonous burden of mayavada philosophy, can be prevented and curbed completely by taking the nice prescription medicine recommended by the devotee-physicians. And that ecstatic prescription is to drink with gusto the immortal nectar of harinama at the divine lotus feet of Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu.



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