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Song Name: Panca Sakhi Madhya Cara Nitya Siddha

Official Name: Rupanuga Bhajana Darpana Song 18

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




paca-sakhī madhye cāra nitya-siddha rādhikāra

se sakale sādhana koilo

sakhī boli' ukta jei sādhana-prabhābe tei

braja-rāja pure bāsa pāilo



sei sakhī dwi-prakāra sādhanete siddha āra

sādhana-para boliyā gaṇana

siddha boli' ākhya tāńra gopī-deha hoilo jāńra

kori' rāge jugala-bhajana



kṛṣṇākṛṣṭa muni-jana tathā upaniṣad-gaṇa

je loilo gopīra swarūpa

sādhana ābeśe bhaje siddhi tabu upaje

braja-bhāba-prāpti aparūpa



je je śruti-muni-gaṇa gopī haya su-bhajana

korilo sakhīra pada dhari'

nitya-sakhī-kṛpā-bale tat-sālokya-lābha-phale

sebā kore śrī-rādhā-śrī-hari



debī-gaṇa sei bhābe sakhīra sālokya-lābhe

kṛṣṇa-sebā kore sakhī ho'ye

brajera bidhāna eho gopī binā āra keho

pāibe braja-juba-dwaye



1) Amongst the five divisions of Radharani's sakhis, four of these groups are nitya-siddha, or eternally situated in their roles. They did not have to perform any ritualistic sadhana to achieve their position. The fifth division known as sakhi consists of new gopis who have attained residence in Vraja by dint of their sadhana practice.


2) These sakhis are also of two varieties --- those still situated in their sadhana practice as sadhaka manjaris, and those who are already situated in their spiritual bodies beyond the rules of sadhana. Thus those who attain perfection receive the body of a gopi and continuously worship the Divine Couple in spontaneous love.


3) There are many great saints and devotees as well as the personified Upanishads themselves who are all attracted by Lord Krsna, but who haven't accepted the topmost perfection of receiving the form of a gopi. Although they are all definitely absorbed in their regulative worship of the Lord, their eternal spiritual perfection still doesn't awaken fully, because attainment of the mood of Vraja is a very uncommon and rare perfection.


4) But it is heard from authoritative sources that there are some great souls who execute their worship in the mood of the gopis, catching a firm grip on the lotus feet of one of Radharani's girlfriends. Then, by the power of that nitya-sakhi's affectionate favor, one ultimately attains a residential place in that sakhi's own abode, where she eternally spends her time waiting on the Divine Couple Sri Radha and Sri Hari.


5) Thus one becomes one of Radharani's eternal girlfriends just to be able to render eternal service to the pleasure of Krsna within the same abode of another sakhi. This is all due to voluntarily accepting the mood of that sakhi. This is actually the only real law which allows one entrance into Vraja --- that is, without the favor on another merciful gopi, it is absolutely impossible for anyone to enter into the ecstatic eternal service of the ecstatic eternal Lovers.



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