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Song Name: Parama Caitanya Hari

Official Name: Rupanuga Bhajana Darpana Song 19

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




parama caitanya hari tāńra śakti baneśwarī

parā śakti boli' bede gāya

śaktimāne sebibāre śakti kāya-byūha kore

nānā śakti tāhe bahirāya



ādhāra-śaktite dhāma ahwaya-śaktite nāma

sandhinī-śaktite bastu jata

sambit-śaktite jāna taṭasthā jība-bidhāna

hlādinīte koilo sakhī-brata



nitya-siddha sakhī saba hlādinīra su-baibhaba

hlādinī-swarūpa mūla rādhā

candrābalī ādi jata śrī-rādhāra anugata

keho nāhe rādhā-premerabādha



premera bicitra gati prati-dwandwi ho'ye sati

candra kore rādhā-prema puṣṭa

saba sakhīra eka-mana nānā-kaye nānā-jana

braja-juba-dwandwe kore tuṣṭa



1) Lord Hari is the Supreme form of consciousness, and His potency is the Mistress of the Vrndavana forest. All the Vedas sing about Her being the transcendental internal potency (para-sakti). To render service to Him Who is the potential source of all potencies, She expands Her internal potency into many bodily forms, with numerous different types of potencies flowing out and spouting from the energetic source in all directions simultaneously.


2) Her internal potency is the abode and container of all potencies, and it invokes the other divisions called sandhini, samvit, and hladini. With its sandhini existence potency it transforms to produce all things of substance within the spiritual and material worlds. With its samvit cognizant potency it produces all knowledge, which has a marginal sector called jiva-sakti, the multitude of conscious spirit souls. With its hladini pleasure potency, the assembly of Radha's girlfriends are produced and enlivened.


3) The topmost divine wealth of the hladini pleasure potency is the multitude of Her girlfriends, who are all eternally perfect in spiritual bliss. And the original root cause and primeval source of this hladini-sakti is none other than Srimati Radharani Herself, Who is the embodiment of this supreme pleasure potency. Even the other apparently opposing gopis, headed by Candravali are all actually subordinate followers of this transcendental Goddess Sri Radha, for the fact is that no one can possibly obstruct the gushing flow of Her pure selfless divine love for Lord Krsna.


4) The wonderful, unique movement of Their loving affairs is such that Candravali appears to oppose and rival Radharani, but this simulated competition is actually chaste, for it is meant to nourish Radharani's pure love for Krsna. Indeed, all the sakhis possess many different bodies and many different moods, but their mind is factually one and one only, for their sole, mutual interest is to give complete satisfaction and total pleasure to the youthful Divine Couple of Vraja.



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