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Song Name: Paramananda He Madhava

Official Name: None

Author: Jagannatha Dasa

Book Name: None

Language: Odia





paramānanda he mādhava

pādungalucī makarāṇḍa



se-makarāṇḍa pana-kari

ānande bolo 'hari hari'



harińka nāme vandha vela

pari karive caka-dola




mana-mo rahu nirantare



mana mo nirantare rahū

'hā-kṛṣṇa' boli jivā jāu

mote udhāra rādhā-dhava



1) O supremely blissful Madhava! The nectar is coming from Your lotus feet.


2) Drinking that nectar, I blissfully sing “Hari! Hari!”


3) With the name of Hari, I am binding a raft on which Lord Jagannatha will ferry me across this ocean of material existence.


4) My mind always remains at the lotus feet of that Lord Jagannatha who has very large round eyes.


5) In this way, I call out "Ha Krishna!" and give up my life. O husband of Radharani, please deliver me.



This song was first printed in "Last Limit of Bhakti", followed by other publications such as "Worship of Sri Guru", "Process of Inquiry", and more recently in "Auspicious Invocations", and 2008 and 2009 Sri Ksetra Parikrama Songbooks. These publications are through Gopala Jiu Publications.


UPDATED: January 29, 2017