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Song Name: Prabhu He Ei Bar Koroho Karuna

Official Name: Sri Krsna Vijnaptih Song 1

Author: Narottama Dasa Thakura

Book Name: Prarthana

Language: Bengali




prabhu he! ei bār koroho karuṇā

jugala caraṇa dekhi, saphala koribo āńkhi,

ei mora monera kāmanā



nija pada sevā dibā, nāhi more upekhibā,

duhuń pahuń karuṇā sāgar

duhuń vinu nāhi jāno, ei boṛo bhāgya māno

mui boṛo patita pāmar



lalitā ādeśa pāiyā, caraṇa sevibo jāiyā

priya sakhī sańge hoy mone

duhuń dātā śiromaṇi, ati dīna more jāni,

nikaṭe caraṇa dibe dāne



pābo rādhā-kṛṣṇa , ghucibo monera ghā,

dūre jābe e sab biphal

narottama dāse koy, ei vāchā siddhi hoy,

deho prāṇa sakala saphal



1) The sight of the lotus feet of the Divine Couple will be the crowning success of my eyes.  My heart and mind yearn to attain this sight.  O Lord, please be merciful and grant this sight to me. 


2) Please grant me the service of Your lotus feet.  Do not neglect me, for You, my two Lords, are like two oceans filled with compassion.  I know that You are full of all transcendental glory and opulence, and I do not know anyone except You.  I am very fallen and sinful.  Please be merciful to me. 


3) By Your mercy I will attain the association of the gopis.  By Your mercy I will become Lalita's maidservant, to be ordered about by her.  By Your mercy I will attain the service of Your lotus feet.  I know that You are both the crest-jewels among all wealthy philanthropists, and You know that I am the poorest of the poor.  Please, therefore, give me the charity of Your lotus feet. 


4) By Your mercy I will attain Your lotus feet.  By Your mercy all the painful wounds in my mind and heart will heal.  By Your mercy my lack of success will go far away.  Narottama dasa says: By Your mercy all my desires will be fulfilled, and this body and life will at last become fruitful.



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