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Song Name: Pranesvara Nivedana Ei Jana Kore

Official Name: Dainya Bodhika Song 3

Author: Narottama Dasa Thakura

Book Name: Prarthana

Language: Bengali





prāṇeśvara! nivedana ei jana kore

govinda gokula candra, parama ānanda kanda,

gopīkula priya dekho more



tuyā priya pada sevā, ei dhana more dibā,

tumi prabhu karuṇāra nidhi

parama mańgala yaśe, śravaṇa paraśa rase,

kāro kibā kārya nahe siddhi



dāruṇa saḿsāra gati, viṣama viṣaya mati,

tuyā vismaraṇa śelo buke

jara jara tanu mana, acetana anukṣaṇa,

jīyante maraṇa bhelo duḥke



mo heno adhama jane, koro kṛpā nirīkṣaṇe,

dāsa kori rākho vṛndāvane

śrī kṛṣṇa caitanya nāma, prabhu mora gaura dhāma,

narottama loino śaraṇe



1) O master of my life, this person places an appeal before You!  O Govinda, O moon of Gokula, O source of all transcendental bliss, O beloved of the gopis, please cast Your glance upon me. 


2) O my Lord, You are an ocean of mercy.  Please give me the treasure of service to Your lotus feet.  Hearing Your supremely auspicious glories is the greatest nectar for the ears.  If You bestow Your mercy, then what difficult task cannot be accomplished? 


3) I wander through this world of suffering, my mind fixed on the objects of the senses, which bring only pain, and my chest pierced by the javelin of forgetfulness of You.  My body and mind are withered and shattered, and from moment to moment I become unconscious.  Immersed in pain, I am like a living corpse. 


4) Please give me Your merciful glance.  Make me Your servant and allow me to stay in Vrndavana.  The golden-complexioned person who bears the name Sri Krsna Caitanya is my master.  Narottama dasa takes shelter of Him.



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