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Song Name: Pravesiya Antahpure

Official Name: Soka Satana Song 2

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




prabeśiyā antaḥ-pure nārī-gaṇe śānta kore

śrībāsa āmiyā upadeśe

śuno pāgalinī-gaṇa śoka koro akāraṇa

kibā duḥkha thāke kṛṣṇābeśe



kṛṣṇa nitya suta jāra śoka kabhu nāhi tāra

anitya āsakti sarba-nāśa

asiyācho e soḿsāre kṛṣṇa bhajībara tāre

nitya-tattwe koroho bilāsa



e dehe jabata sthiti koro kṛṣṇacandre rati

kṛṣṇa jāno dhana jana prāṇa

e-deho-anuga jata bhāi bandhu pati suta

anitya sambanda boli' mano



kebā kāra pati suta anitya-sambandha-kṛta

cāhile rākhite nāre tāre

karama-bipaka-phale suta ho'ye baise kole

karma-khaya āra raite nāre



ithe sukha duḥkha māni' adho-gati labhe prāṇī

kṛṣṇa-pada hoite paḍe dūre

śoka sambariyā ebe nāmānanda māja' sabe

bhakatibinoda-bāchā pūre



1) Entering into the inner chamber, Srivasa began to pacify all of the women there by giving them spiritual instructions that were as sweet as nectar. He said, "Look here, you crazy ladies, you all lament uselessly, for what kind of unhappiness can there possibly be in ecstatic love for Krsna?"


2) "Whoever has Krsna for his eternal Son never has to lament for anything, although if one becomes attached to that which is temporary, then everything is lost. You have all come into this material world for the purpose of worshiping Krsna, so now you should all becomes situated again in the eternal absolute truth.


3) "As long as you are existing in this body, you should all cultivate love and attachment for Lord Krsna, knowing Him to be your real wealth, real friend and your very life and soul. All of the followers of this body namely brothers, friends, husbands and sons should be accepted as being only temporary relationships.


4) "Whoever wants to hold onto husbands or sons will not be able to keep them, for all these relationships are only temporary. Even if your son is sitting in your very lap, you still cannot protect him, for when his bad fruitive reactions fructify, then his present karma is finished, and he will not be able to remain here any longer."


5) "By accepting this type of temporary happiness and distress, many other living entities are now being degraded into lower species of life, falling far, far away from Krsna's lotus feet. Therefore you should all give up your temporary lamentation right now, and just become absorbed in the bliss of the Lord's holy names." All of Bhaktivinoda's desires are now being fulfilled by hearing Srivasa speak such nice eternal truths.



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