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Song Name: Priya Sakhi Keli Paricchada Punjam

Official Name: Volume 6 Song 26; Vasika Sajja

Author: Rupa Goswami

Book Name: Stavamala

Language: Sanskrit




priyasakhi keli-paricchada-pu˝jam

upakalpaya satvaram adhiku˝jam



kusumāvalibhir upaskuru talpam

mālyaḿ cāmala-maṇisara-kalpam



maṇi-sampuṭam upanaya tāmbūlam

śayanā˝calam api pīta-dukūlam



viddhi samāgatam apratibandham

mādhavam āśu sanātana-sandham



Refrain: Dear friend, please quickly decorate the forest and arrange everything for the Lord's pastimes.


1) Decorate the bed with flowers. Make a flower garland splendid as a string of jewels.


2) Bring the jeweled box of betel nuts and the yellow silk cloth for the bed.


3) Know that Lord Madhava, who is always true to His word, will quickly come without being stopped by anything.



This song is sung in Raga Kalyana.


UPDATED: July 7, 2009