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Song Name: Punah Pulina Samprapta Gopi

Official Name: Obeisance 68 Verses 278 to 281

Author: Sanatana Goswami

Book Name: Krsna Lila Stava

Language: Sanskrit




punaḥ pulina-saḿprāpta gopī-gītārthitodaya

janma-mātra-vraja-śrī-da svajanānveṣaṇārtida




viṣādi-nānā-duḥkha-ghna svīyārti-j˝āntar-ātma-dṛk



viśva-rakṣārtha-sa˝jāta bhaktābhayada-hasta he

svajana-prārthya-saḿsparśa nānā-guṇa-padāmbuja



manoj˝a-madhurālāpa dāsī-gaṇa-vimohana




manaḥ-kṣobhaka-mādhurya mṛdulāńghri-vanāṭaka

yugāyita-viyogāṇo mano-hṛd-adharāmṛta



sarva-tyāgārthita-gate mahā-mohana-rūpa he

vraja-mańgala-kṛd-vyakte svajana-prārthya-pūraka




gopa-strī-jīvitākārṣi-durga-bhū-bhramaṇāva mām



1) O Lord Krsna, returning again to the bank of the Yamuna river, the gopis sang songs begging You to re-appear again among them. They said that simply by taking birth in Vrajabhumi, You made Vraja transcendentally opulent and beautiful, as if the goddess of fortune were personally present. They lamented saying that You had greatly distressed them by making them search for You.


2) O Lord Krsna, the gopis complained: "O Lord, although You formerly saved the residents of Vrndavana from the poison (of Kaliya) and although You are the Supersoul who can perceive the distresses within everyone's heart, You are nevertheless committing the abominable deed of killing the women of Vraja with the weapon of the absence of the sight of Your lotus eyes. You are performing this sinful deed without any fear of future retribution within Your heart."


3) "O Lord Krsna, You have taken birth here for the protection of this universe, and simply by the touch of Your hand You grant fearlessness to the devotees." O Lord, whose lotus feet are full of various transcendental qualities, the gopis spoke in this way, begging You to return and touch them.


4) O Lord Krsna, O Enchanter of Your servants, the gopis, enchanted by You, Your servants, the gopis, spoke these delightful and sweet words. They spoke this nectarean description of You, which is very auspicious for this ears, more auspicious than all the Vedas, and greatly benedicts the distressed heart.


5) O Lord Krsna, Your sweetness greatly agitates the mind, and Your gentle and charming lotus feet wander in the forest (of Vraja). You enchant the devotees, and they feel a moment's separation from You to be as long as a yuga. Your lips are full of nectar.


6) O Lord Krsna, the gopis, who had renounced everything for You begged You to return to their midst. In order to fulfill the request of your devotees, You manifested Your greatly enchanting form in Vrajabhumi.


7) O Lord Krsna, (when You re-appeared among the gopis), they expressed their fear that Your delicate lotus-feet may have become hurt by wandering over the surface of the forest, full of thorns and sharp grasses. Fearing in this way, they felt that their life-breath were being removed. O Lord, please protect me.



This song is based on Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10 Chapter 31.


UPDATED: July 7, 2009