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Song Name: Purna Cidananda Tumi

Official Name: Soka Satana Song 8

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




pūrṇa-cid-ānanda tumi        tomāra cit-kaṇa āmi

swabhābataḥ āmi tuyā dāsa

parama swatantra tumi         tuyā paratantra āmi

tuyā pada chāḍi' sarba-nāśa



swatantra ho'ye jakhana       māyā prati koinu mana

swa-swabhāba chāḍilo āmāya

prapańce māyāra bandhe        padinu karmera dhande

karma-cakre āmāre phelya



māyā taba icchā-mate          bāndhe more e jagate

adṛṣṭa nirbandha lauha-kore

sei to' nirbandha more        ane śrībāsera ghore

putra-rūpe malinī-jaṭhore



se nirbandha punarāya         more ebe lo'ye jāya

āmi to' thākite nāri āra

taba icchā su-prabala         mora icchā su-durbala

āmi jība akińcana chāra



jathāya pāṭhāo tumi      abaśya jāibo āmi

kara keba putra pati pitā

jaḍera sambandha saba         tāhā nāhi satya-laba

tumi jībera nitya pālayitā



sańjoge bijoge jini      sukha-duḥkha mane gaṇi

taba pade chāḍena āśroya

māyāra gardabha ho'ye         mājena soḿsāra lo'ye

bhaktibinodera sei bhoya



1) The dead son continued: "You, dear Lord, are completely full in transcendental bliss. I am simply a tiny conscious particle of You; therefore by nature I am Your eternal servant. Only You are supremely independent, whereasI am totally dependent on You. Indeed, neglecting Your lotus feet, I have now become completely ruined."


2) "As soon as I chose to be independent of Your Lordship, I became inclined toward maya's illusory benefits. Thus I have given up my natural spiritual characteristics. Falling down due to the dazzling bewilderment of fruitive gain, I have become captured by maya within this mundane world. Now as a result I am being forcibly thrown into the revolving wheel of binding fruitive actions and reactions."


3) "Thus I am bound up by Maya in this world according to Your will, being firmly clenched in the iron-like grip of my predestined fate. And according to this fate, I have now come into Srivasa's home by taking birth as the son of Malini."


4) "Now, again according to my predestined fate, I must leave this place; I cannot remain here any longer, even if I wanted to. Your desire is most powerful, dear Lord, whereas my desire is most feeble, for I am simply an insignificant, humble soul."


5) "Wherever You send me next, oh Lord, I must certainly go to become someone's son or husband or father. However, I know that all these material relationships do not possess even one speck of eternal truth, for only You, dear Lord, are the eternal friend and guardian of all souls."


6) "Only one who foolishly neglects the eternal shelter of You two lotus feet considers the union and separation of all these temporary family relationships to be separation of all distress. This just shows how much one has actually become absorbed in the bodily concept of life, being crammed and stuffed into the womb of illusion." Hearing all these truths about the fate of the bound soul has now made Bhaktivinoda become extremely frightened.



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