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Song Name: Rasa Tattva Nitya Jaiche

Official Name: Rupanuga Bhajana Darpana Song 28

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




rasa-tattwa nitya jaiche braja-tattwa nitya taiche

līlā-rasa eka kori' jāna

kṛṣṇa je sākhāt rasa sakala-i kṛṣṇera baśa

beda bhāgabate kore gāna



śrī-kṛṣṇa parama tattwa tāra līlā śuddha sattwa

māyā jāra dūra-sthita dāsī

jība prati kṛpā kori' līlā prokāśilo hori

jībera mańgala abhilāṣī



brahmā śeṣe śiba jāra anweśiyā bāra bāra

tattwa bujhibāre nāhi pāre

brahmera āśroya jini paramātmāra aḿśī tini

swayaḿ bhagabān boli' jā're



sei kṛṣṇa doyāmoya mūla-tattwa sarbāśroya

ananta-līlāra eka khani

nirbiśeṣa līlā bhore brahmatā prokāśa kore

swīya ańga kānti guṇa-maṇi



aḿśa paramātmā ho'ye baddha-jība-gaṇa lo'ye

karma-cakre līlā kore kota

deba-loke deba-saha upendrādi ho'ye teha

deba-līlā kore kota śata



parabyome nārāyaṇa ho'ye pāle dāsa-jana

deba-deba rāja rājeśwara

sei kṛṣṇa sarbāśroya braje nara-paricoya

nara-līlā korilo bistāra



1) One should make himself aware that all the fundamental eternal truths concerning rasa, Vraja, and Krsna's pastimes are one and the same principle of lila-rasa. And Krsna Himself is directly the personification of this rasa. All things are completely under His control, as confirmed throughout the Vedas and the Srimad Bhagavatam.


2) Sri Krsna is the Supreme Truth, and all His pastimes are of the nature of transcendental pure goodness. Maya is situated at a distance as His humble maidservant. Just to show His causeless mercy to all the conditioned souls, the Lord manifests His transcendental pastimes before their very eyes within the mundane world. This just shows how much He desires their welfare.


3) Krsna is Himself the only Supreme Personality of Godhead. Even Lord Brahma, Lord Anantadeva and Lord Siva are trying to find Him out again and again, but still they are not able to understand Him fully. The vast Brahmana effulgence emanates from Him only, and the all-cognizant Supersoul is only His tiny fractional portion.


4) This Lord Krsna is full of all good qualities. He is most merciful, He is the basic root of all truths, and all things in the material and spiritual worlds rest in Him alone. He even manifests His own bodily effulgence as the impersonal Brahman to have some impersonal pastimes. Thus He is just like a gold-mine of unlimited lilas.


5) His lilas are everywhere. Becoming His own partial plenary portion as the Supersoul, He performs many lilas by taking all the conditioned souls for a ride on the revolving wheel of fruitive action and reaction. Appearing in the higher planetary system in incarnations such as Vamanadeva, He performs many more lilas along with the demigods.


6) In the spiritual sky on the Vaikuntha planets, He becomes Lord Narayana and maintains hosts of servants there as the God of all Gods and the King of all Kings. This selfsame Lord Krsna, the refuge and abode of all beings and all creations, in spite of such incredible spiritual and material opulences, likes most of all to appear just like an ordinary human being in Vraja, and so He remains happy by expanding so many human-like lilas.



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