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Song Name: Rasika Nagari Gana Siromani

Official Name: Radhikastakam Song 4

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitavali

Language: Bengali





rasika nāgarī- gaṇa-śiromaṇi,

kṛṣṇa-preme sarahaḿsī

bṛṣabhānu-rāja,  śuddha kalpa-ballī,




rakta paṭṭa-vastra,  nitamba-upari,

kṣudra ghanṭi dule tā’y

kuca-yugopari,  duli’ muktā-mālā,

citta-hārī śobhā pāy




atiśoy kāntimatī

kaiśora amṛta,  tārunya-karpūr,

miśra-smitādharā satī



banānte āgata,  braja-pati-suta,


heri’ śańkākula,  nayana-bhańgite,

ādarete stava kore



brajera mahilā-gaṇera parān,


lalita lalitā-snehete praphulla-

śarīrā lalita-gātrī



viśākhāra sane,  bana-phula tuli’,

gāńthe vaijayantī mālā

sakala-śreyasī,  kṛṣṇa-vakṣaḥ-sthita,

parama-preyasī bālā



snigdha venu-rave,  druta-gati jāi’,

kuńje peye naṭa-bare

hasita-nayanī,  namra-mukhī satī,

karṇa kaṇḍūyana kore



sparśiyā kamala,  vāyu su-śītala,

kore jabe kuṇḍa-nīra

nidāghe tathāy,  nija-gaṇa saha,

tuṣaya gokula-vīra



bhakativinoda,  rūpa-raghunāthe,

kohaye caraṇa dhori’

heno rādhā-dāsya,  sudhīra-sampad,

kabe dibe kṛpā kori’



1) Srimati Radharani is the crest jewel of all amorous young maidens who take pleasure in relishing transcendental mellows. She is a beautiful swan in the waters of love for Krsna, a transcendental wish-fulfilling creeper on the family tree of king Vrsabhanu, and the original source of all the goddesses of fortune.


2) Upon Her hips She wears red silken cloth on which tiny bells are swinging, and upon Her breasts sways a lovely necklace of pearls. In this way She looks so splendorous that She steals the heart of the beholder.


3) Her bodily luster is exceptionally effulgent, like the golden whorl of the best of lotus flowers. Her two sweetly smiling lips display the immortal nectar of adolescence mixed with the fragrant camphor of new youthfulness. She is completely faithful to Lord Krsna.


4) Seeing that the supremely mischievous son of Nanda has arrived on the outskirts of the Vrndavana forest as He returns from tending the cows, She becomes stricken with anxiety and affectionately offers prayers to Him by the hints and signals of Her eyes.


5) Srimati Radharani is the life and soul of all the elder women of Vraja, and is especially dear to Mother Yasoda. Basking in the affection of charming Lalita-devi, Radha's bodily form has fully blossomed like a lotus, thus displaying Her beautiful and graceful limbs.


6) Accompanied by Visakha, Radha picks forest flowers and strings together a vaijayanti flower garland for Krsna. She is the well-wisher of all, and is always situated upon the chest of the Lord, being the most beloved young girlfriend of Krsna.


7) Hearing the soft sound of the flute, She moves swiftly through the forest, and finding in the bowers of Vraja the best of dancing actors, the chaste Radha with smiling eyes turns her face downward in shyness while restlessly scratching Her ear.


8) When the breeze, which is scented with the fragrance of lotus flowers, makes the waters of Radha-kunda very cool, then, in the warmth of the summer in those cooling waters, Radha along with all Her girlfriends satisfies the hero of Gokula.


9) Bhaktivinoda says to Rupa and Raghunatha, clasping their lotus feet, "When will you bestow your mercy upon me and give me eternal service to such a Radha as this, for Her service is the wealth of the truly wise."



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