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Song Name: Rati Prema Sneha Mana Pranaya

Official Name: Rupanuga Bhajana Darpana Song 10

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




rati prema sneha māna praṇaya o rāgākhyāna

anurāga bhāba ei sāta

rati jata gāḍha hoya krame sapta nāma loya

sthāyī bhāba sadā abadāta



snehādi je bhāba choya prema nāme paricoya

sādhāraṇa janera nikaṭe

je bhāba kṛṣṇete jāńra sei bhābe kṛṣṇa tāńra

e rahasya rase nitya baṭe



bhakta-citta-siḿhāsana ta'te upabiṣṭa hana

sthāyī bhāba sarba-bhāba-rāja

hlādinī je para śakti tāńrasāra śuddha-bhakti

bhāba-rūpe tāńhāra birāja



bibhābādi bhāba-gaṇe nijāyatte ānayane

korena ye rasera prokāśa

rasa nityānanda-tattwa nitya-siddha sāra-sattwa

jība-citte tāhāra bikāśa



1) The development of ecstatic love of Godhead gradually thickens and intensifies as it manifests in seven stages of ecstasy known as: 1) Prema (general ecstatic love for the Personality of Godhead) 2) Sneha (personal affection borne of a softened and melted heart) 3) Mana (pouting counter-love due to confidential familiarity) 4) Pranaya (mutually intimate love devoid of shyness or hesitation) 5) Raga (highly involved attachment that disregards any offense) 6) Anuraga (the constant presence of supplementary attachments that ripple and twinkle in waves of mutual charms) 7) Bhava (the stage of wildly relishable exhilaration in a transparently pure yet supremely inflamed love-passion) All these stages of the sthayi bhava are spotlessly free from any material impurities.


2) The above mentioned symptoms are all-together known as prema (love of Godhead). According to the particular ecstatic emotions that one develops for Krsna, then to that degree Krsna reciprocates, and this level of secret mellow indeed continues eternally.


3) Being seated on the throne of the devotee's heart, the stayi bhava behaves like the King of all ecstasies. Rooted in the hladini pleasure potency, whose distilled extract is pure devotional service and, it is conspicuously present in the form of transcendental emotional ecstasies.


4) By bringing the four principles of ecstasy, namely vibhava, anubhava, sattvika, and sancari under its control, the hladini manifests all mellows. These mellows are the eternal truth of bliss, eternally perfect, the best state of purified existence; all this displays itself widening and blooming within the core of the spirit soul's heart.



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