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Song Name: Ruper Gaurava Keno Bhai

Official Name: Upadesa: Song 11

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru

Language: Bengali




ruper gaurava keno bhai

anitya e kalebar, kabhu nahe sthiratar,

samana aile kichu nai

e anga sitala ho'be, ankhi spanda-hina ro'be,

citar agune ho'be chai



je saundarya hero, darpanete nirantar,

sva-sibar hoibe bhojana

je bastre adara koro', jeba abarana para',

kotha saba rohibe takhan?



dara suta bandhu sabe, smasane tomare lo'be,

dagdha kori' grhete asibe

tumi ka'r, ke tomar, ebe bujhi 'dekho sar,

deho-nasa abasya ghatibe



su-nitya-sambala cao, hari-guna sada gao,

harinama japaha sadai

ku-tarka chariya mana, koro' krsna aradhana,

binoder asroy tahai



1) Oh mind, my dear friend, why is your bodily beauty such an object of your proud vanity? This body is temporary, and there is no certainty whatsoever of permanence. After Yamaraja has paid his visit and taken your soul away, this body will then become cold. The eyes will remain motionless, and in the fiery funeral pyre it will simply turn into ashes.


2) Mind, you repeatedly behold the lovely handsomeness of this face, which is your favorite object of constant vanity. It will simply become delicious food for dogs and jackals. At that time, where will you keep all the decorative ornaments and valuable clothes which you appreciate with such high esteem?


3) Your beloved wife, sons and friends will take you to the crematorium, and after burning you they will simply return back to their homes. You belong to whom? And whom belongs to you? Now just try to grasp the essential significance of all this. That is, the destruction of this temporary body will definitely come to pass.


4) My dear mind, if you really want the eternal, auspicious way of life, then just sing aloud the glories of the Lord always and everywhere. Also, one should certainly chant Harinama japa at all times. Abandoning all useless arguments, dear mind, just worship Krsna, for such worship is certainly the only shelter of Bhaktivinoda.



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UPDATED: July 7, 2009