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Song Name: Sabu Meli Balaka Bhaga

Official Name: Soka Satana Song 4

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




sabu meli' bālaka-bhāga bicāri'

choḍabi moha śoka citta-bikārī



caudda-bhubana-pati nanda-kumāra

śacī-nandana bhelo nadīyā-abatāra



sohiu gokula-cānda ańgane mora

nācāi bhakta-saha ānanda-bibhora



śunata nāma-gaṇa bālaka mora

choḍalo deha hari-prīti-bibhora



aichana bhāga jaba bhai hāmārā

tabahuń hau bhāba-sāgara-pārā



tuńhu sabu bichari ehi bicārā

kāńhe korobi śoka citta-bikārā



sthira nāhi haobi jadi upadeśe

bańcita haobi rase abaśeṣe



paśibuń hama suratatinī-māhe

bhakatibinoda pramāda dekhe tāhe



1) Srivasa continued, “All of you together should consider the real fate of the boy, and you should immediately discontinue any bewilderment and grief that may be in your disturbed hearts."


2) "The Supreme Lord of all the fourteen worlds is the youthful Son of Nanda Maharaja, and now He has become the Son of Mother Saci by personally descending in Nadia."


4)"This very same Gokula-canda is now dancing in my courtyard with His most confidential devotees, all completely overwhelmed with ecstatic bliss."


4) "My boy has given up his body while hearing the singing of the Lord's holy names coming from the kirtana out in the courtyard. Therefore he certainly has died while overwhelmed with love for the Lord."


5) "If I would be so fortunate as to get such an auspicious death as this, them I will certainly be able to easily cross over the ocean of material existence."


6) "All of you together just consider this one judgment ... what will your lamentation and disturbed hearts do to help the situation?"


7) "If you all do not become pacified by these instructions, then you will only cheat yourselves out of tasting transcendentally ecstatic mellows in the long run.


8) "Not only will you cheat yourself, but you will induce me to leave this world by plunging myself into the waters of Ganga." Thus Bhaktivinoda is witnessing this entire calamity in progress.



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