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Song Name: Sakhi Gana Sange Range Yadu Nandana

Official Name: None

Author: Uddhava Dasa

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali




sakhāgaṇa sańge, rańge yadunandana,

ghana ghana phukārato hori

(eho! ghana ghana phukārato hori )



taba hu śunato sab, sakhīgaṇa āoto,

kālindī tīra ujori

(kibā! kālindī tīra ujori)



śunaite colu vrajarāja kumāra

bājata vaḿśī, ḍampha raba gambhīra

dońhe dońhā dūrahi nehāro



eka dige nāgara, sańge saba sahacara,

bājata vāḿśī rasāla

(eho! bājata vāḿśī rasāla)



rādhā rādhā rādhā boli, veṇu phukāra-i,

sumadhura madhura miśāla

(kibā! sumadhura madhura miśāla)



baiṭhalo śyāma, sańge madhumańgala,

śubala sakhā ādi sātha

(eho! śubala sakhā ādi sātha)



rādhā lalitā, viśākhā ādi sahacarī

picakārī lei nija hāta

(kibā - picakārī lei nija hāta)



kānuka picakārī, jaba hu barikhata,

ekoi śata śata dhār

(eho! ekoi śata śata dhār!)



sahacari meli, rāi joto ḍārato,

koto koto śata eka bār

(kibā - koto koto śata eka bār)



bahu vidha rańge, ańga sab bhigalo,

āńcare muchata mukha

(eho! āńcare muchata mukha)



jitalo jitalo boli, hāsi dei karatālī

khone khone bāṛato sukha

(kibā! khone khone bāṛato sukha)



nācata gāoto, ābira uṛāoto,

koi nācata mana rańge

(eho! koi nācata mana rańge)



ḍampha rawāba, saba hu meli susvara,

gāoye uddhava tachu sańge

(gāoye uddhava tachu sańge)



1) Yadunandana (Yasodanandana Krsna) plays with His friends, loudly exclaiming: Hori!


2) Hearing this, all the sakhis came to the bank of the Yamuna.


3) Hearing this, Krsna, the prince of Vraja, came running. As flutes and Dampha-drums resounded deeply, They beheld Each other from afar.


4) On one side Nagara (Krsna) stood, playing His succulent flute in the company of all His friends.


5) Radha Radha Radha! The flute blew out, mixing all the sweetest sounds.


6) Syama sat down with Madhumangala, Subala and all His other friends.


7) Radha, Lalita, Visakha and all the other sakhis take syringes in their hands.


8) When Krsna squirted out the first volley from His syringe, His one stream turned into hundreds of streams.


9) Also all streams squirted out by Rai and Her girlfriends turned into the hundreds.


10) In all these different hilarious pastimes everyone's bodies became soaked, and they used their garments to wipe their faces.


11) We have won! We have won!, They laughed and clapped their hands. Thus the ecstasy increased at every moment.


12) Some danced some sang, some threw colored powder about, and some danced according to their own bliss.


13) The dampha-drums and the sarod are all blending nicely with each other's tunes and Uddhava dasa sings along with them.



This song is sung in Raga Basant in Tivra Tala.


UPDATED: July 9, 2009