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Song Name: Sandarsana Sasparsana

Official Name: Rupanuga Bhajana Darpana Song 27

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




sandarśana saḿsparśana jalpa bartma-nirodhana

rāsa bṛndābana-līlā bhūri

jala-keli jamunāya naukā-khelā cauryatāya

ghaṭṭa-līlā kuje lukocuri



madhu-pāna badhū-beśa kapaṭa nidrā-ābeśa

dyūta-krīḍā bastra ṭānāṭāni

cumbāśleṣa nakhārpaṇa bimbādhara sudhā-pāna

samprajoga ādi līlā māni



sambhoga prakāra saba sambhogera mahotsaba

līlā hoya sadā su-peśala

sei līlā aparūpa ujjwala rasera kūpa

tāhe jāra hoya kautūhala



cid-bilāsa rasa-bhore rati-bhāba rasa dhore

mahā-bhāba parjanta baḍaya

je jība saubhāgyabān līlā-joge su-sandhān

braje bāsi' satata koraya



1) There are unlimited numbers of ecstatic lilas which Radha and Krsna play daily all throughout Vrndavana with Their girlfriends. They sometimes look at each other in different ways, touch and caress each other, converse in many different types of talks, and sometimes block each others' path. They sport the rasa dance, or play different types of water sports in the Yamuna river, and sometimes Krsna takes the role of a boatman while They engage in different types of pastimes in a boat on the Yamuna. There are different kinds of joking thefts sometimes Krsna steals Radharani's necklace, and almost every day He gets His flute stolen by Radharani and Her friends. Sometime They play the ghatta lila, better known as the dana-keli His begging of charity from the yougurt-pots of the gopis. And sometimes They run around playing hide-and-seek throughout the forest bowers.


2) Sometimes They get drunk on huge quantities of honey-wine, sometimes Krsna comes in numerous types of women's dress, and sometimes He pretends to be sleeping just to listen to the sakhis talk about Him. They have gambling matches with dice and place different kinds of bets, They sometimes have a tug-of-war with each other's clothes, and sometimes there is kissing, embracing, clawing with fingernails, drinking the nectar of berry-red lips, and conjugal union. Thus some of Radha-Krsna's innumerable daily pastimes are understood.


3) All these different types of union constantly produce a gala festival of most charmingly beautiful playful pastimes. All these lilas are uncommonly wonderful --- they are a veritable reservoir filled with the most brilliant mellows of the conjugal rasa.


4) Only an extremely rare and highly fortunate soul takes a curios delightful interest in such daily lilas of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna. He constantly lives in Vraja and takes on all the ecstatic moods of transcendental affection (rati), which keeps swelling and increasing all the way up to the topmost beatific peak of mahabhava. Thus saturated with Their transcendental daily pastimes and absorbed in Vraja consciousness, such a precious fortunate soul always inquires and searches after the means to enter into those pastimes.



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