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Song Name: Sarirer Sukhe Mana Deho Jalanjali

Official Name: Upalabdhi: Nirveda-Laksana-Upalabdhi Song 5

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru

Language: Bengali




sarirer sukhe, mana, deho jalanjali

e deho tomar noy, baranca e satru soy,


sarvada ihar bale rohiyacho bali

kintu nahi jano, mana, e sarir acetana

po' de roy jibana-balaye



eher saundarya-bala---nahe cirodina

ataeva taha lo'ye, na thako garvita ho'ye,

stoma' prati ei anunoy

suddha-jibe siddha-dehe sadai nabina

jadibhuta deho-joga, jibaner karma-bhoga,

jiber patana jadasroy



1) My dear mind, kindly cease from your endeavors to supply artificial "pleasures" to the material body. This body does not belong to you for enjoying as you please. Rather, it is the most formidable enemy of one who is trying to practice devotional service in his siddha-deha, or spiritual body. But you, my dear mind, always depend on this body and try to squeeze whatever pleasure you can right up to the limits of its physical abilities. But what youre not understanding, dear friend, is that this material body is insensitive and unconscious, and that it simply drops down on the ground when your life is finished.


2) The handsomeness of this body, as well as its strength and abilities, do not last for very long. Therefore my earnest request to you is that you please accept all these truths and don't become proud. The pure spirit soul in his siddha-deha is eternal and ever-fresh. But such a transcendental soul meets his downfall when he becomes stupefied within the cage of the material body. Thus his pure spiritual life is choked as he is rendered insensitive due to enjoying the results of temporary fruitive activities within the shackles of karma.



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