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Song Name: Sarvasva Tomar Carane

Official Name: Goptritve Varana Song 3

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Saranagati

Language: Bengali





sarvasva tomār,  caraṇe saḿpiyā,

poḍechi tomāra ghare

tumi to’ ṭhākur,  tomāra kukur,

boliyā jānaho more



bāńdhiyā nikaṭe,  āmāre pālibe,

rohibo tomāra dwāre

pratīpa-janere,  āsite nā dibo,

rākhibo gaḍera pāre



tava nija-jana,  prasād seviyā,

ucchiṣṭa rākhibe jāhā

āmāra bhojan,  parama-ānande,

prati-din ha’be tāhā



bosiyā śuiyā,  tomāra caraṇa,

cintibo satata āmi

nācite nācite,  nikaṭe jāibo,

jakhona ḍākibe tumi



nijera poṣana,  kabhu nā bhāvibo,

rohibo bhāvera bhore

bhakativinoda,  tomāre pālaka,

boliyā varaṇa kore



1) Now that I have surrendered all I possess, I fall prostrate before Your house. You are the Supreme Lord. Kindly consider me Your household dog.


2) Chain me nearby and maintain me as You will. I shall remain at the doorstep and allow no enemies to enter Your house. I will keep them at the bounds of the moat surrounding Your home.


3) Whatever remnants Your devotees leave behind after honoring Your prasada will be my daily sustenance. I will feast on those remnants with great ecstasy.


4) While sitting up, while lying down, I will constantly meditate on Your lotus feet. Whenever You call, I will immediately run to You and dance in rapture.


5) I will never think of my own maintenance but rather remain transported by a multitude of ecstasies. Bhaktivinoda accepts You as his only support.



This song is popularly sung in Raga Sindhu Bhairavi or Raga Darbari.


UPDATED: September 27, 2016