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Song Name: Sraddha Devi Nama Jar

Official Name: Rupanuga Bhajana Darpana Song 5

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




śraddhā-debi nāma jāra duiti swabhāba tāra

bidhi-mūla ruci-mūla bhede

śāstrera śāsana jabe śraddhāra udoya ho'be

baidhī śraddhā tāre bole bede



braja-bāsī sebe kṛṣṇe sei śuddha-sebā dṛṣṭe

jabe hoya śraddhāra udoya

lobhamoyī śraddhā satī rāgānugā śuddhā mati

bahu bhāgye sādhaka labhoya



śraddhā-bhede bhakti-bhede gāitecheche catur-beda

baidhī rāgānugā bhakti dwoya

sādhana-samoye jaiche siddhi-kāle prāpti taiche

ei-rūpa bhakti-śāstre koya



baidhī bhakti dhīra gati rāgānugā tībra ati

ati śīghra rasābasthā pāya

rāga-bartma-su-sādhane ruci hoya jāra mane

rūpānuga hoite sei dhāya



1) The presiding deity of devotional faith called Sraddha Devi, and she has two principle characteristics... one is executed according to rules, and the other according to tastes. First of all, when devotional faith arises due to fear of the rules and regulations given in the revealed scriptures, then that type of faith is known throughout the Vedas as "vaidhi sraddha", or faith situated in regulation.

2) Secondly, sometimes one's faith flourishes in a similar way as that of the residents of Vraja, who all render service to Krsna with a purely spontaneous service attitude. Faith that concentrates on Krsna exclusively with such intense greed to satisfy Him is the chastest form of faith. Such a pure, spontaneous service attitude is called "raganuga sraddha", and a practicing devotee who worships in this way attains the most auspicious spiritual position.


3) Due to different types of faith, these different divisions of devotional service exist. Thus the four Vedas sing of these two types of devotion... regulative service and spontaneous service. According to these different types of sadhana, one accordingly attains different perfections, which are all mentioned comprehensively in the revealed scriptures of devotional service.


4) Vaidhi bhakti progresses very slowly toward the goal, but raganuga bhakti moves extremely fast, and enables one to be quickly situated in the tasty transcendental mellows. By following the path of spontaneous devotional service, real taste awakens in one's mind, and he runs and chases after that current which flows from the lotus feet of Srila Rupa Gosvami.



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