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Song Name: Sva Baly Asana Kaliya

Official Name: Obeisance 49 Verses 199 to 201

Author: Sanatana Goswami

Book Name: Krsna Lila Stava

Language: Sanskrit








divya-srag-gandha-vastrāḍhya divyābharaṇa-bhūṣita

mahā-maṇi-gaṇākīrṇa vraja-jīvana-darśana



sahāsa-śrī-balāśliṣṭa gopālińgana-nirvṛta

prasīda pīta-dāvāgne svajanārti-vināśana



1) O Krsna, Understanding that Kaliya was eating the offerings intended for himself, Your carrier, Garuda, crushed the pride of that snake. Because of the words of Saubhari Muni, Garuda was not able to approach this lake in the Yamuna, and for this reason, Kaliya took shelter in that lake. O Lord, it was You who delivered that lake from destruction.


2) O Krsna, You are opulently decorated with splendid and transcendental garlands, garments, fragrances, ornaments and great jewels. The opportunity to see You is the life of the residents of Vrajabhumi.


3) O Krsna, You have become jubilant, embraced by the cowherd boys and Lord Balarama, who is smiling and laughing. You swallowed the forest fire, and thus removed the distresses of Your devotees. O Lord, please be merciful to me.



This song is based on Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10 Chapter 17.


UPDATED: July 10, 2009