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Song Name: Tomar Je Suddha Bhakta

Official Name: Yamuna Bhavavali Song 23

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




hari he

tomāra je śuddha-bhakta         tomāte se anurakta

bhukti mukhti tuccha kori' jāne

bāreka dekhite taba      cid-ākāra-śrī-baibhaba

tṛṇa boli' anya sukha mane



se saba bhaktera sańge        līlā koro nānā-rańge

biraha sahite nāhi pāra

kṛpā kori' akińcane      dekhāo mahātma-gaṇe

sādhu binā gati nāhi āra



se bhakta-caraṇa-dhana        kabe pā'bo daraśana

sodhibo āmāra duṣṭa mana

e bhaktibinoda bhaṇe          kṛpā ha'be jata-khaṇe

mahātmara ho'be daraśana



1) Oh my Lord Hari! Your pure unalloyed devotee, who is uncompromisingly devoted and attached to You only, considers any type or material enjoyment or liberation to be insignificant. Simply by beholding the beauty and opulences of Your form made of eternity, knowledge and bliss, such a pure devotee considers all other forms of so-called happiness to be just like small pieces of straw which one sees strewn here and there in the gutter.


2) You always perform different types of sportive pastimes in the company of pure devotees of this caliber, for You are not able to tolerate separation from them even for a moment. Please show Your gracious favor to me and reveal to me who these great souls are, for I can find no purpose for living without the shelter of their company.


3) When will I get the vision of the rare treasure-like feet of all these pure devotees? If I could just catch a glimpse of their lotus feet, then that would completely purify me and rectify my sinister mind. Bhaktivinoda narrates this prayer to You, oh Lord: I will be able to get the audience of such great souls only if Your causeless mercy comes upon me by Your own sweet will.



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UPDATED: July 4, 2009