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Song Name: Tuwa Pade E Minoti Mor

Official Name: Dainya Song 6

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Saranagati

Language: Bengali





(prabhu he!) tuwā pade e minati mor

tuwā pada-pallava,  tyajato maru-mana,

viṣama viṣaye bhelo bhor



uṭhayite tākata,  puna nāhi milo-i,

anudina korohuń hutāś

dīna-jana-nātha,  tuhuń kahāyasi,

tumāri caraṇa mama āś



aichana dīna-jana,  kohi nāhi milo-i,

tuhuń more koro parasād

tuwā jana-sańge,  tuwā kathā-rańge,

chāḍahuń sakala paramād



tuwā dhāma-māhe,  tuwā nāma gāoto,

gowāyabuń divā-niśi āś

tuwā pada-chāyā,  parama suśītala,

māge bhakativinoda dās



1) At Your feet, soft as new-grown leaves, I offer this humble prayer. Those feet shelter the fallen souls who burn from the heat of material existence. But I gave up their shelter, and now my mind scorched by the fire of worldliness, has dried up like a desert.


2) I find no strength to go on, and thus I spend my days lamenting. My only desire now is for Your lotus feet, O Lord of the meek and humble.


3) Has there ever been a soul as forlorn as me? Please be merciful and award me the association of Your devotees, for by tasting the pleasure of hearing your pastimes I shall give up all evils.


4) One hope animates my soul: to spend day and night in Your divine abode singing Your holy name. Your tiny servant Bhaktivinoda begs a place in the delightfully cooling shade of Your feet.



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