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Song Name: Vande Girivara Dhara Pada Kamalam

Official Name: Song 7

Author: Govinda Dasa Kaviraja

Book Name: Padavali

Language: Sanskrit




vande girivaradhara-pada-kamalam

kamalā-kamalāńcitam amalam











ati-lohitam atirohita-bhāṣam




1) I offer my humble obeisances to those lotus (kamala) feet of the lifter of Govardhan Hill, which are held by the lotus hands of Kamala, Srimati Radharani.


2) The lotus feet of Krishna are marked with a flag, a thunderbolt, a rod fro controlling an elephant, and a lotus flower, and are embellished with kunkuma from the breasts of the young girls of Vraja.


3) His lotus feet are very attractively decorated with ankle bells made of beautiful jewels, and are dressed by beautiful girls who are stunned and afflicted by the beauty of those lotus feet.


4) Because the glow of His lotus feet has entered their minds, their minds seem reddish.  His lotus feet are so sweet that they have made the bumblebees servants of Govinda.



This song is sung in Raga Sri.


UPDATED: July 4, 2009