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Song Name: Vande Vrndatavi

Official Name: Kalyana Kalpataru Introductory Prayer

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru

Language: Sanskrit




vande vrndatavi-candramradhikaksi-mahotsavam




caitanya-caranam vandekrsna-bhakta-janasrayam

advaita-mata-dhaureyabharapanodanam param



gurum vande mahabhagamkrsnananda-svarupakam

yan mude racayisyamikalyana-kalpa-padapam



aprakrta-rasanandena yasya kevala ratih

tasyedam na samalocyampustakam prema-samputam



ayam kalpa-taror-namakalyana-padapah subhah

vaikuntha-nilaye bhativane nihsreyasahvake



tasya skandha-trayamsuddham vartate vidusam mude

upadesas thatha copalabdhistucchvasakah kila



asritya padapam vidvankalyanam labhate phalam

radha-krsna-vilasesudasyam vrndavane vane



sampujya vaisnavan vipransarva-jivamsca nityasah

kirtayami vinito 'hamgitam vraja-rasasritam



1) Those aspirant practitioners who have first had profound meditation on the purport of great statements like "tattvamasi", etc., and who have attained unity with the bliss of merging into the Brahmana effulgence, themselves find that such so-called bliss is put to shame before the completely ecstatic spiritual relationship between the taster and tasted mellows. I offer my respectful obeisances unto that most astonishing abode of such totally blissful mellows, the very moon over Vrndavana: Sri Krsna, Who is the delightful festival for Sri Radhika's eyes.


2) I offer my respectful obeisances unto the lotus feet of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, which are the only shelter for all of the greatly fortunate devotees of Lord Krsna. His lotus feet cast out to a distant place the unbearable burden of the doctrine of undifferentiated monism, as it was propounded by Sripada Sankaracarya.


3) I offer my respectful obeisances unto the lotus feet of my most worshipable Gurudeva, who is the personified form of blissful Krsna consciousness. Jut to increase his transcendental happiness; I will compose the book known as "Kalyan Kalpa-taru".


4) The aggregate of the following 24 elements I called "prakrti": the 5 gross elements, the 5 objects of the senses, the 5 working senses, the 5 knowledge-acquiring senses, mind, intelligence, ego, and mahattattva. The truth that is above and beyond all these is called "transcendental truth". That truth although being the original reservoir of all blissful spiritual mellows, is not appreciated by all persons, indeed, those who have not developed unalloyed love and attachment to this transcendental truth will not read this book, which is just like a small jewel box for guarding the most confidential gems of ecstatic love. Thus they simply remain attached to meditating on material bodily happiness, becoming completely submerged and drowned in the insignificant ocean of lust.


5) In the abode of Vaikuntha, within the forest of ultimate good, there is one special wish-fulfilling desire tree of supreme auspiciousness, conspicuously present among all the others.


6) This tree is divided into three principle branches known as "Upadesa" (spiritual advice), "Upalabdhi" (attainment of realization), and "Ucchvasa" (overflowing spiritual emotions), which increase the joy of all persons who are actually wise.


7) The shelter of this special desire-tree produces the attainment of fruits in the form of auspiciousness. This means eternal servitude to the performance of Sri-Sri-Radha-Krsna's pastimes in the realm of the transcendental forest named Vrndavana, within the innermost secret abode of Vaikuntha.


8) I now humbly perform the chanting of all the songs which are sheltered under the mood of Vraja, just to worship all of Lord Krsna's jiva souls. This includes all the Vaisnava residents of Vraja-dhama, Ksetra-dhama, and Navadvipa-dhama, as well as all the brahmanas who are beyond fruitive activities and speculative knowledge, as well as all the souls from Lord Brahma down to the untouchable outcastes and dogs.



This is the only song in Sanskrit in the Kalyana Kalpataru. (The Kalyana Kalpataru is composed in Bengali.)


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