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Song Name: Veda Vidhi Anusare

Official Name: Yamuna Bhavavali Song 22

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




hari he

veda-vidhi-anusāre karma kori' e soḿsāre

punaḥ punaḥ jība janma pāya

pūrba-kṛta-karma-phale tomāra icchā-bale

janma jadi labhi punarāya



tabe eka kathā mama śuno he puruṣottama

taba dāsa-sańgi-jana-ghore

kīṭa-janma jadi hoya tāhāte-o doyāmoya

rohibo he santuṣṭa antore



taba dāsa-sańga-hīna je gṛhastha ārbacīna

tā'ra gṛhe caturmukha-bhūti

hao kakhana hari kara-dwoya joḍa kori'

kore bhaktibinoda minati



1) Oh my Lord Hari! By working fruitively according to the Vedic injunctions in this material world, the soul continuously takes birth again and again. If I also have to take birth once again according to Your will, due to the results of my previous fruitive reactions, then I have just one request to make to You, oh Lord.


2) So then kindly hear me, oh Purusottama! I have only one petition to submit before You. If I can only take my next birth even as an insignificant insect within the home of Your loving servant, then I would become completely satisfied, oh Most Merciful Lord.


3) Please never, never let me take birth in the home of a foolish householder who is bereft of the association of Your eternal servant, even if his household opulences rival those of Lord's Brahma's. This is the only humble prayer that Bhaktivinoda is making now with folded hands.



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