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Song Name: Yoga Jaga Saba Chara

Official Name: Rupanuga Bhajana Darpana Song 3

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitamala

Language: Bengali




yoga jāga saba chāra śraddhā sakalera sāra

sei śraddhā hṛdoye jāhāra

udiyāche eka bindhu krame bhakti-rasa-sindhu

lābhe tāra hoya adhikāra



jāna karma deba debi bahu jatanete sebi'

prāpta-phala hoilo tuccha jāna

sādhu-jana-sańgābeśe śrī-kṛṣṇa-kathāra śeṣe

biśwāso to' hoya balabān



sei to' biśwāse bhāi śraddhā boli' sadā gāi

bhakti-latā bīja boli tāre

karmī jānī jane jāre śraddhā bole bāre bāre

sei bṛtti śraddhā hoite nāre



nāmera bibada mātra śuniyā to' jwale gātra

lauhe jadi boloho kacana

tabu lauha lauha roya kacana to' kabhu noya

maṇi sparśa nāhe jata-khaṇa



kṛṣṇa-bhakti cintāmaṇi tańra sparśe lauha-khani

kārma-jāna-gata śraddhā-bhāba

haya jaya hema-bhara chāḍiyā to' ku-bikāra

se kebala maṇira prabhāba



1) Any type of yoga exercise or external religious ceremony is completely useless and is no help at all... for genuine faith is the only real substance. Whoever has such sincere faith in his heart tastes one drop of transcendental nectar, and then he gradually gains the right of admission into the entire ocean of ecstatic devotional mellows (the Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu)


2) By faithfully worshiping the gods and goddesses who bestow knowledge and fruitive results, with great care and attention, one gets only insignificant material knowledge. On the other hand, by hearing the narration of topics concerning Krsna with rapt attention in the company of virtuous devotees, one's transcendental conviction becomes completely fixed-up.


3) My friends! I call this type of fixed-up conviction "sraddha", which I continuously sing about and glorify in various ways. This sraddha is actually the bhakti-lata-bija (the seed of the creeper of devotion). The fruitive workers and the mental speculators have their own idea about what is sraddha, which they advertise and proclaim again and again, but in my opinion, their definition is without a doubt a misconception, and does not constitute the real, transcendental sraddha. Whenever I hear such foolish disputes and misconceptions over mere names from such unauthorized persons, it burns me up because that is just like mistaking iron to be gold. Iron always remains iron, and can never become gold unless and until it is touched by a transcendental touchstone.


4) This touch-stone is actually pure devotional service to Lord Krsna. By the mere touch of this transcendental gem, the iron-mine of faith in fruitive action and philosophical wrangling turns into golden ecstatic loving faith in the Lord. The weight of this type of gold certainly outweighs all materialistic delusions. This is the real power of the touch- stone of Krsna-bhakti.



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