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Song Name: Gopinath! Mama Nivedana Suno

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru

Language: Bengali




gopīnāth–O Lord of the gopīs!; mama nivedana–my request; śuno–please hear; viṣayī–I am a sense-gratifier; durjana–and a wicked materialist; sadā–always; kāma-rata–addicted to worldly desires; kichu nāhi–not in the least; mora–my; guṇa–good qualities.



gopīnāth; āmāra–my; bharasā–only hope; tumi–You are; tomāra caraṇe–at Your lotus feet; loinu śaraṇa–I have taken shelter; tomāra–Your; kińkora–servant; āmi–I.



gopīnāth; kemone–how?; śodhibe–will be purified; more–me; jāni–I do not know; bhakati–devotion; karme–in fruitive work; jaḍa-mati–my materialistic mind; poḍechi–I have fallen; soḿsāra-ghore–into this dark and perilous worldly existence.



gopināth; sakali–everything here; tomāra–is Your; māyā–illusory energy; nāhi mama–I have none; bala–strength; jñāna–or knowledge; sunirmala–pure and transcendental; svādhīna nāhe–is not independent from the control of material nature; e kāya–this body of mine.



gopināth; niyata–eternal; caraṇe–at Your feet; sthāna–a place; māge–begs; e pāmara–this sinner; kāndiyā kāndiyā–who is weeping and weeping; korohe–oh please give; karuṇā dāna–the gift of Your mercy.



gopināth; tumi–You; to' –certainly; sakali pāro–are able to do anything; durjane–all sinners; tarite–to deliver; tomāra–Your; śakati–power; ke āche–who is there?; pāpīra āro–more of a sinner than myself.



gopināth; tumi–You are; kṛpā-pārābāra–the ocean of mercy; jīvera kāraṇe–for the sake of the fallen souls; āsiyā–having come; prapañce– into this phenomenal world; līlā–Your divine pastimes; koile suvistāra–You expand.



gopināth; āmi–I; ki doṣe doṣī–am contaminated with how many sins?; asura sakala–all the demons; pāilo caraṇa–have attained Your lotus feet; vinoda–but this Bhaktivinoda; thākilo bosi–has remained in worldly existence.


UPDATED: June 15, 2009