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Song Name: Hari He Doyal Mora

Author: Anonymous

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali




hari he—O Hari!; doyāl mor—O my merciful Lord!; jaya rādhā-nāth—all glories to You, the Lord of Rādhā!; bāro bāro—again and again (I have pleaded with You); ei-bāro—but this time; loho—please take me; nija sāth—as Your own.



bahu yoni—through many wombs; bhrami'—after wandering; nātha—O Lord!; loinu śaraṇ—I have taken refuge in You; nija-guṇe—by Your divine power; kṛpā koro'—be merciful; adhama-tāraṇ—and deliver this wretched soul.



jagata-kāraṇa tumi—You are the cause of the universe; jagata-jīvan— and the life of the universe; tomā chāḍā—without You; kār nāhi—no one has anything; he rādhā-ramaṇ—O lover of Rādhā!



bhuvana-mańgala tumi—You bring about auspiciousness for the world; bhuvaner pati—and You are the master of all the worlds; tumi upekhile— if I neglect You; nātha—O Lord!; ki hoibe gati—what will be my fate?



bhāviyāafter having considered it; dekhinu—I have seen; ei jagatamājhāre—within this world; tomā binā—except for You; keho nāhi— there is no one; e dāse uddhāre—who can deliver this fallen servant


UPDATED: June 15, 2009