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Song Name: Sri Rupa Manjari Pada Sei Mora Sampada

Author: Narottama Dasa Thakura

Book Name: Prarthana

Language: Bengali




śrī-rūpa-mańjarī-pada–the feet of Srī Rūpa Mańjarī [Rūpa Gosvāmī's eternal form as a gopī of Vraja]; sei–they; mora sampada–are my real wealth; sei mor bhajana-pūjana–they are the object of my service and worship; sei mora prāṇa-dhana–they are the treasure of my heart; sei mora ābharaṇa–they are my ornaments; sei mor jīvanera jīvana–and they are the life of my life.



sei mora rasa-nidhi–they are the reservoirs of all transcendental mellows for me; sei mora vāńchā-siddhi–they are the fulfillment of all my desires.; sei mor vedera dharama–they are the conclusion of the religion of the Vedas for me; sei vrata–they are the goal of all my vows; sei tapa–and austerities; sei mora mantra-japa–and the chanting of my personal mantra; sei mor dharama-karama–they are the purpose of all my religious activities.



anukūla habe–will become favorable to devotion; vidhi–all my activities; se-pade–by the power of those feet; hoibe siddhi–spiritual perfection will be achieved; nirakhibo–I will be able to actually see; e dui nayane–with these two eyes; se rūpa-mādhurī-rāśi–the waves of sweet beauty flowing from Srī Rūpa Mańjarī's feet; prāṇa-kuvalaya–upon the lotus of my heart; śaśī–shining like the brilliant moon; praphullita habe–will blossom; niśi-dine–both night and day.



tuyā adarśana-ahi–the snake of separation from you; garale–by the venom; jāralo–has wasted away; dehī–my body; ciro-dina–perpetually; tāpita jīvana–my life is afflicted with a great fever; rūpa–alas! alas! O Rūpa Mańjarī!; koro doyā–please be merciful; deho more–give to me; pada-chāyā–the shade of your lotus feet; narottamaNarottama dāsa; loilo śaraṇa–has taken refuge.


UPDATED: June 15, 2009