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Welcome to the KKSongs Talamala page! This page will serve as a database for the Indian rhythmic cycles, known as talas. Each page will contain detailed information about the tala, the notation using tabla bols, and songs which are found on this website bearing those talas. For further help in understanding these talas, please visit one of the two guides for rhythmic instruments.


If you wish to submit a new tala or corrections, please visit the Contact KKSongs page found on the homepage.

Hare Krsna!


Index of Talas Click here to view the tala database.


Tabla Guide and Khol Guide are original KKSongs Guides that contain information on how to play the tabla and khol.


Classification of Talas is a page describing the ways rhythmic cycles can be grouped.


Tabla Bols is the brief overview on the sounds used to play the rhythms. Tabla bols are used as convention in the KKSongs Talamala.


Understanding Talamala is a guide page on how to read and understand the tala notation used.


Ragamala is a quick link to access the anthology of ragas (melodic forms of Indian music).


UPDATED: September 1, 2016