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Song Name: Ankhiyan Hari Darasana Ki Pyasi

Official Name: None

Author: †Sura Dasa

Book Name: Bhramargita

Language: Braja Bhasa





ańkhiyāń hari darasana kī pyāsī



dekhyo cāhata kamala-nayana ko

nisa dina rahata udāsī



kesara tilaka motina kī mālā

vṛndāvana ke vāsī



neha lagāya tyāgi gaye tṛna sama

ḍāra gae gara phāńsi



kāhu ke mana kī kou kā jāne

logana ke mana hāńsī



suradāsa prabhu tumhare darasa bina

laihaun karavaṭa kāsī



Refrain: Our eyes thirst for a vision of Lord Hari.


1) They long to see the Lotus-eyed One, grieving for Him day and night.


2-3) Wearing a saffron tilaka and a garland of pearls and dwelling in the village of Vrndavana, He gave us His love, and then He casts us aside like a blade of grass, throwing a noose around our necks.


4) Nobody knows the pain in anotherís breast, there is laughter in peopleís hearts.


5) But Oh Lord of Sura Dasa! Without a vision of You, we would give up our very lives.


Remarks/ Extra Information:

At the ISKCON New Jersey temple on Gaura Purnima 2002, an Odissi dancer sang this song. Therefore, I have decided to include this song in this song-book. It was rendered in Raga Kafi in Sitarkhani Tala.


UPDATED: May 10, 2009