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Song Name: Carana Kamal

Official Name: None

Author:  Sura Dasa

Book Name: None

Language: Braja Bhasa





caraṇa kamal bandauń hari rāī



jākī kṛpā pańgu giri lańghai

andhe koń saba kachu darasāī



bahiro sunai mūka puni bolai

rańka calai sira chatra dharāī



sūradāsa swāmī karunāmaya

bāra bāra bandauń tehi pāī



Refrain: I offer prayer unto the lotus feet of the worshipful Lord Hari.


1-2) By His mercy, a lame person crosses mountains, a blind person sees everything, a deaf person hears, a dumb person again speaks, and even a poor person walks with a servant holding an umbrella over his head.


3) The Lord of Sura Dasa is full of compassion. Therefore, I offer my obeisances unto His lotus feet, again and again.


Remarks/ Extra Information:

This song was popularized by Vaiyasaki Das in his 1994 album Charan Kamal.


This song was one of Mohandas Gandhi’s inspirational songs featured in his anthology of favorite devotional songs, “Ashram Bhajanavali.”


The way Vaiyasaki Das rendered this song was in Raga Asavari in Tri-Tala. The way it was meant to be originally rendered was in Raga Kalyani in Tintal.


UPDATED: October 22, 2015