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Song Name:  Ham Bhaktana Pe Bhakta Hamare

Official Name: None

Author: Sura Dasa

Book Name: None

Language: Braja Bhasa





ham bhaktana ke, bhakta hamāre

suna arjuna, pratigyā merī, yaha vrata ṭarata na ṭāre



bhaktai kāja lāja hiya dharikaiń, pāya-piyāde dhāūń

jahań-jahań bhīra parai bhaktana pai, tahań-tahań jāi chuḍāūń



jo mama bhakta soń baira karata hai, so nija bairī mero

dekhi bicāri, bhaktahita-kāran, hāńkata hauń ratha tero



jīte jīta bhakta apane kī, hāre hāri bicārauń

sūradāsa suni bhakta-virodhī, cakra sudarśana dhārau



(Refrain) [Lord Krsna says to Arjuna] “I am the devotee of My devotees. Listen to My promise, O Arjuna! This vow of Mine will never quiver.


1) “I carry on the duty to protect My devotees and fulfill of Their tasks, and will go to them, even barefooted. Wherever and whenever suffering and pain falls upon My devotees, then and there, I appear there to relieve their suffering.”


2) “Whoever displays enmity towards My devotees are indeed My enemies. Upon your seeing helplessness, for the sake of the well-being for My devotees, I steer your chariot.”


3) “I win for victory of My devotees, and lose at the their losses.” Sura Dasa hears that He bears His sudarsana disc in opposition to those who oppose His devotees.



This song was popularized by Anup Jalota in his live recording for ISKCON in the mid-90s “Bhajan Sabha.” It was rendered in Raga Patadipa in Kaherva Tala.


UPDATED: June 4, 2017