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Song Name: Naina Bhaye Anatha Hamare

Official Name: None

Author: Sura Dasa

Book Name: Bhramargita

Language: Braja Bhasa



nainā bhaye anātha hamāre

madanagopāla yahāń teń sajanī, suniyata dūr sidhāre



ve hari jala hama mīna bāpurī kaiseń jivahiń niyāre

hama cātaka cakora syāmala ńhana, badana sudhānidhi pyāre



madhubana basata āsa darasana , nainā joī maga hāre

sūrasyāma kīnī piya aisī, mṛtaka hute puni more



Refrain: These eyes of ours have become orphans. Since the moment when we heard that madana Gopala has left us and gone far away, my friend.


1) Hari is the water and we are the wretched fishes; how can we live without Him? We are the cataka birds and He is the dark raincloud. We are the cakora birds, His dear face is the nectarous moon.


2) While he dwelt in the honey-forest, we could hope to Him. Now, our eyes are wearied, watching the way. Our beloved Syama, who is the beloved Lord of Sura Dasa, does such a thing to us. We were dead already, yet He kills us again!



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