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Lesson 8: Reading Practice




With Lessons 1 through 6, given that one is actively reading signs, books, and words in Bengali script, one should be able to read Bengali now. With some additional help of lesson 7, Bengali can be pronounced properly to some degree. Now, it is time to really put this into practice. There are two parts to this assignment. The objective is to transliterate a bhajan from Bengali. After completing that, a transliteration of a bhajan will be presented that needs to be transliterated to Bengali.




duḥkhera sāgore bhāśiyechi

uttariye jāni



uṭhal deu āsiche chuṭiyā

ki habe tāhā jāni



(tumi) dīna dayāla tumi bhagavān

pār kara āmāi sāmane tuphāna



tumi jadi prabhu nāhi kara pār

pārera āśā rākhi



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