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Archived News: Year 2006


December 31, 2006


Hari Bol!


Happy New Years Eve celebration and Happy New Years Day from KKSongs! This year, 2006, was a very special year, as we unveiled this project to our web community of enthusiastic Vaisnavas and musicians. By Krsna’s mercy, we have 1,200 song lyrics posted, a unique library of devotional, spiritual, and musical knowledge, that by Krsna’s desire, and your constant support, it will keep growing into 2007! Thank you very much for helping KKSongs!


Just a few small updates. From January 2006 to present, we have posted and updated this index page. Whatever changes took place here were found on the Site News page. Because that page is filled up with 2006 material, all of the 2006 news (including this one) will be found on our NEWS ARCHIVES. On the top of the News Page, a link for 2006 news will be found. If anyone is interested in tracking our site history, they may be able to find it on that page.


On our KKSongs Audio page, few old and few new selections have been posted. Namely, Udilo Aruna (2004), Jiv Jago (2004), Bol Hari Bol (2006), Bhupali Dhun (2006), Morning Meditation (2006), and Vandanam (2006) are posted and available for online listening or downloading. Remember, KKSongs Audio page links are reduced quality so you may be able to download them. If you would like higher quality (CD Quality = 44,100 kHz 16 bit 128 Kbps), please visit CONTACT KKSONGS. Please be very detailed on which audio link and your e-mail that address that can accept large files.


Let’s welcome 2007! Hare Krishna!!


December 23, 2006


Hare Krishna!


Few notes to bring out:


First, I want to wish all our viewers a very merry Christmas celebration. Srila Prabhupada had respected Jesus Christ as a pure devotee of God who preached God Consciousness, according to time, place, and circumstance. Srila Prabhupada had written an article glorifying him. Hence, in this non-sectarian spirit, Hare Krishna and Merry Christmas!


On the Synonyms page, there are many errors as far as original song links are concerned. While the overall content is correct, the link to the original song lyrics is incorrect. This is under the process of correction. In addition, the original song lyrics page will contain a “bonus” link for synonyms, just as these pages have such links for purports, audio clips, and Vaisnava songs. Please excuse any inconveniences that this may cause.


KKSongs Audio page has four new songs, namely Boro Sukher Khabor Gai (2000), Sri Krsna Caitanya Prabhu (2000), Jaya Radha Madhava (2000), and Krsna Tava Punya Bhai (2007). The first three mentioned were from Gaura Mangala recorded in 2000. They were edited for keys, noise, and sound. Boro Krpa Koile Krsna (2007) will come out soon.


December 14, 2006


Hari Bol! All Glories to the Sankirtana Movement:


It is today where the fifth birthday is celebrated for the advent for the concept and the foundation of KKSongs. Five years ago, to home countless Vaisnava bhajans on one webpage was the goal of the short yet simple songbook. It eventually grew to hold four-hundred songs. It wasn’t until 2003, when ideas for an independent site were conceived. It was finally released for the public’s view on January 15, 2006. From a mere songbook, KKSongs developed into a great online center for Vedic devotional and musical arts.


Please continue to shower your blessings on this great project!


Hari Bol!


December 2, 2006


Hare Krishna!


As we enter the last month of 2006, we enter two significant dates for KKSongs. The first is December 14, 2006, the five year anniversary of the service. January 15, 2007 is the debut date for! The news that was collected within 2006 in the “SITE NEWS” page will be archived in a specialized page.




The Harmonium Guide for all units before the final song is uploaded. Uploading the song pictures will take a good degree of time. In addition, making audio files for the tabla and harmonium pages will take some time too. In the meantime, you may access the harmonium guide:




For the tabla guide: MUSIC CENTER à INSTRUMENTAL GUIDES à TABLA GUIDE (link updated).




As promised many months ago, a KKSongs Synonym Page is available. This page is not complete, as we have tons of songs to post. However, this is a start to get a feel of how the format is. Each synonym page will contain a hyperlink to the original song. Eventually, the original song pages will contain appropriate links to their respective synonym page.




November 26, 2006


Hari Bol!


The tabla guide in HTML is available for online viewing now. While the audio clips, for the most part, are still in the works, the HTML should improve functionality and usage for the tabla guide. Each chapter has its own HTML file with jpg pictures for easy downloading. So far, almost all of the thekas have audio clips posted online.


For the tabla guide: MUSIC CENTER à INSTRUMENTAL GUIDES à TABLA GUIDE (link updated).



November 23, 2006


Hare Krishna!


Happy Thanksgiving day! Let us all thank our Divine Couple, Sri Sri Radha Krsna, spiritual master, our friends and companions, parents, and well-wishers of our lives to help us get back home, back to Godhead. There is a beautiful song that best fits this mood of grace and gratitude. The devotional song is in Spanish: Gracias Govinda Y Radhika.


Please forgive me for not updating this site for a while. The site is undergoing some slow and steady progress. The newer khol page has up to lesson 9 updated. The tabla and harmonium page are in construction, as audio files are slowly being recorded to make these guides useful.


October 9, 2006


Students who are part of the Sunday Khol Classes offered at the Kisor-Kisori temple at Chicago may access course material from the following route: WEBMASTER à SUNDAY KHOL STUDENTS.

Click here for direct access.


For anyone who is interested in the online khol tutorial (under construction now), please access this new page through the following route: MUSIC CENTER à KHOL LESSONS or MUSIC CENTER à INSTRUMENTAL GUIDES à KHOL (photo).

Click here for direct access.


September 25, 2006


For those who are attending the weekly Sunday khol classes offered at ISKCON Chicago, you may access the course website at the following link. For those who either were a part of the course last semester or for persons not part of the actual class, but visited the site for learning material will be able to see a newer version of the class website. A new khol site will be under construction, so that material won’t be lost or confused with the class site. This is a subproject of converting the guides into HTML formats.


Our Talamala page is almost completed. Many newer talas, as well as some rarer talas, have been included with audio files, through Swarshala.


September 9, 2006


As the song count on KKSongs has reached a nice peak, KKSongs is working towards other parts of the website. The Ragamala and Talamala sections were primary focuses of the last three weeks.


The Talamala is now updated with many talas, including a great majority of pakhawaj tradition talas, and obscure tabla talas. All Talamala files include sound clips of the tala either on tabla or khol, empowered by Swarshala.


The Ragamala is also updated with more ragas. So far, the A ragas contain sound clips. As time progresses, more sound clips will come for the rest of the ragas.


KKSongs Site Goals for the remainder for the year are as follows:


1) Considering the great amount of material that exists on KKSongs, and is too much to fit on the Navigation bar, a Grand Sitemap will be available, so anyone will see all of the links, present on the site.


2) KKSongs Instrumental Guides will be converted to HTML formats. Therefore, there won’t be any need to have to download .doc files, although they will still be available for downloads.


3) In the Language and Pronunciation section, a synonyms section will be available, where people can find the literal translations of the words that make up a song.


September 3, 2006


Happy belated Radhastami! Jaya Sri Radhe!


Few new things on KKSongs to look forward to!


On the navigation bar the words “PRONUNCIATION GUIDE” has been expanded to be known as “LANGUAGES AND PRONUNCIATION.” This page will contain the Sanskrit, Bengali, and Braja Bhasa pronunciations, in addition to a hypertext on the languages found on KKSongs. The newer feature is the audio clips on the Sanskrit, Bengali, and Braja Bhasa Pronunciation Guides. Also on the Languages and Pronunciation page is a “SONG SYNONYMS PAGE” which will be available later in November 2006.


Half of the songs found on the Notations of the Vaisnava Songs have audio clips with voice and harmonium to follow along.


The “Ragamala” section has more ragas to offer a more wholesome list. In addition, the “A” ragas have audio clips with voice and harmonium clips singing the aroha, avaroha, and the svarupa of the raga.


The “Talamala” section will feature more talas, as a part of its construction.


August 25, 2006


It’s finally here!


The Gitar Gan and Bhagavad-Gita is now online for online viewing! How can the chapters of the Bhagavad-Gita (“The song of the Lord”) not be considered songs to put on KKSongs? Likewise, how can Srila Prabhupada’s Bengali poetic translation of the Bhagavad-Gita (Gitar Gan) not be included?


The Bhagavad-Gita verses can be found either alphabetically (First words of the verse. The uvaca lines are not considered the first lines of the verse) or through the AUTHORS AND TEXTS page. Please go to TEXTS OF THE VAISNAVAS and click Bhagavad-Gita for the original Sanskrit verses and translations, or click Gitar Gan for the Bengali translation by Srila Prabhupada and translation. Links for purports are also available there.


On Srila Prabhupada’s Vyasa Puja, KKSongs had given a special offering glorifying Srila Prabhupada and his songs, as well as songs that glorify him. Please click here for the article, in case you missed this.


August 17, 2006


Jaya Sri Krsna Janmastami! Here is a song to glorify Janmastami (Pitr Prag Janma Kathaka)


Jaya Srila Prabhupada Vyasa Puja!


To commemorate Prabhuapda’s Vyasa Puja, KKSongs has given a special offering glorifying Srila Prabhupada and his songs, as well as songs that glorify him. Please click here for the article.


August 8, 2006


Glories to Lord Balarama, on His appearance day celebration tomorrow (Wednesday)! For glorification of Sri Balarama, here is a good bhajan to sing: Namaste Halagraha.


Few new things to take place on KKSongs:


A new audio link has been posted for the song “Srimac Caitanya Deva Tvam with Kirtan” found on the audio link.


In addition, some new song lyrics pages have been uploaded.  Songs include the final selections from Krsna Lila Stava by Sanatana Goswami and two Portuguese bhajans.


Please visit our “Texts by Vaisnava Acaryas” page, as this page includes new entries to offer a more holistic approach to Krsna Conscious literature. This includes Brahma Samhita, Bhakti Rasamrta Sindhu, Gopala Campu, Isopanisad, Krsna Lila Stava, Krsna Vijaya, and Upadesamrta. More will be uploaded through time. To visit this page, please visit AUTHORS AND TEXTS à TEXTS BY VAISNAVA ACARYAS.




1) Some nice surprises will be made available to you on Janmastami and Vyasa Puja. You got a week to wait, to stay tuned! ;-) (mid-August 2006)


2) The instrumental guides on KKSongs will be converted into HTML files. Therefore, there will be no need to download those big DOC files, especially if one wanted to read particular section. In addition, multimedia will be incorporated to this. (October 2006)


3) Ever wondered what does the songs that you hear in the temple literally mean? No need to worry, as the songs that do have word-for-word synonyms available to us will be uploaded and appropriately linked to the page. (November 2006)


July 29, 2006


The Krsna Lila Stava has been uploaded. The KKSongs “Krsna Lila Stava” has been uploaded.


On the KKSongs Audio page, each of the songs have been converted to MP3 files, to allow a slightly higher quality file to be present on KKSongs. While they are considered “Radio quality” (22kHz: Mono: 24 kBps), some of the files are found on in high quality CD quality. Please forgive us for any inconveniences.


In the meantime, for your listening pleasure the KKSongs Audio page is featuring four recordings, two devotional songs and three instrumentals.


As a reminder, August 9 is Balarama Jayanti (the Appearance Day of Lord Balarama), August 16 is Sri Krsnastami (commonly known as Janmastami, Appearance Day of Lord Krsna), and August 17 is the dual festival of Nandostava (the celebration held by Nanda Maharaja, father of Krsna, in celebration of His appearance), and the Vyasa Puja of Srila Prabhupada (appearance day of the founder of ISKCON). Special surprises by KKSongs will be presented on August 16! Stay tuned!


In the meantime, thank you very much for your support for KKSongs!


July 10, 2006


The songs of Gopala Campu, some songs of “Dasi”, songs from “Bhakti Kusum,” and 25% of Krsna Lila Stava have been uploaded to KKSongs for online viewing.


Here is some new news regarding Ragamala and Talamala sections of KKSongs.


Unlike the song lyrics, the number of ragas, talas, and authors will probably not exceed two-hundred in number. Just as the authors page was set up as one big index-listing page, the tala and raga page will no longer need an alphabetical index and will have index-listing pages. People who have bookmarked any specific raga or tala pages will not need to worry, as this change will not affect these pages. However, those who bookmarked any alphabetical index pages will need to change their bookmarks and link listings. This step is taken only because there was no need to spread the ragas and tala out like that. Once the raga, tala, or author numbers exceed two-hundred, then the respective portion will convert back to alphabetical.


When KKSongs (then the Maha-Songbook) was started in late 2001, the alphabetical listing of the songs looked like the current “Authors and Texts” Author’s Index Page. That motif was carried through until mid-October 2002, when KKSongs received 377 songs. It was converted to the motif seen here.


Other re-construction plans will be posted as time comes.


July 6, 2006


Hare Krishna!


The July upgrade is still under progress. I apologize for the delay in updating the site. Nonetheless, there is a lot of new things to mention on!




Are you a tabla student wanting to learn the basics of the talas used in Indian and Bengali classical music? If so, the newer upgrade of Talamala can be of assistance to you. Every tala uploaded on Talamala will now contain an audio file playing four cycles of the rhythm. These files are in CD quality MP3 produced using custom made tabla and khol samples through the medium of Swarshala.


Are you planning to record your own song and want to use tabla? Do you want to have a tanpura file to practice with but cannot afford one? Your worries are now over, as the NEW KKSongs Downloads Center has links of downloadable CD quality MP3s of tanpura tunings in the key of C and tabla talas, in such a way that you can loop them and practice music and add these files into your favorite multi-track software.



Songs featured in this month include tracks from Karnamrita DD’s CD “Dasi” excluding “Aota Mori Galiyana Mein Giridhari, “Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna Jaya Vrndavana (III)” and “Aho Me Moha Vitatam” as these tracks are currently in the works.


Songs from Gopala Campu by Jiva Goswami is also uploaded. In addition, Sanatana Goswami’sKrsna Lila Stava” will be included progressively.



As of July 1, 2006, many new Vaisnava musical notations found home on KKSongs. Songs such as “Namamisvaram Sacidananda Rupam, “Namaste Narasimhaya,” “Sri Guru Carana Padma Kevala Bhakati Sadma,” and “Radha Krsna Bol” are uploaded, to name a few.


To better assist the visitor who may not be familiar with a particular song, the lyrics are pasted on the notation page itself. The different melodic forms within a song are now color-coded. The color code will be shown on the lyrics to show which melodies are sung at what part of the song.


June 29, 2006:


Hare Krishna!


It is only five days left until the KKSongs July upgrade. To ensure accuracy and great material and new on KKSongs to always be available, a tri-monthly upgrade is conducted to examine old material, include new material and reconstruct whatever is appropriate.




There is a new feature for song pages with a translation in another language. For original songs containing such translations, a direct link to that page is provided. Thus, all of the translations to a particular song is centralized and can be easily accessed from the original song page. It is under the field: “FOREIGN TRANSLATIONS”




Speaking of foreign translations, there are two devotional songs in corridor for KKSongs that are in the Turkish language. If anyone who can translate Turkish very well and is willing to help KKSongs, please click the contact KKSongs link. If no one replied by July 15, 2006, the corridor songs will be posted online with no translation. Still, if anyone wishes to translate, please click the Contact KKSongs.




Please stay tuned for the Vaisnava Songs page. A whole new batch of devotional song notations will be available by August.


June 24, 2006:


Hare Krishna!


Few new updates to share on KKSongs!




A new article describing the languages of devotional songs is featured in the ARTICLES page of KKSongs. This examines the languages in devotional songs. This also includes links of certain songs to relish the different foreign languages as well as understanding the sounds.




It has been a little over six months since the launch of KKSongs on its own webpage. Before the launch and after the launch, KKSongs has received great support and great suggestions from many dedicated visitors. Thank you very for making KKSongs what it is.


Few new features to look forward to:


Direct links to translation pages from original songs:


KKSongs Glossary:



June 13, 2006:


Hare Krishna!


Few more Srila Prabhupada’s purports are available at his specialized page, available at “Authors and Texts”, then “Major Authors” and then “A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami.”


Also, on the song pages, if a purport is available, the link to the purport will be provided, so one can easily read the purport without having to go back and forth to search for the purport. Likewise, the purport pages have the link to the song.


Soon, the link to songs with translations (original Vaisnava songs which were translated into other languages) as well as links to how to play the Vaisnava song (MUSIC CENTER à NOTATION TO VAISNAVA SONGS) will be available. Please visit KKSongs to see updates on that.


April 22, 2006:


Hare Krishna!


The KKSongs Authors page is renamed as “Authors and Texts” to accommodate more information to viewers!


An index for authors is made available. Every author featured on KKSongs has their own page. For major authors (such as Srila Prabhupada or Bhaktivinoda Thakura), have special pages on the Major Authors page.


To further expand the authors page, the text page is included. The text page has a listing of various Vaisnava texts. Recently, links for the two famous epics of Vedic culture, Ramayana (the pastimes of Lord Ramacandra), and Mahabharata (the history of India, the fall of civilization right before Kali Yuga). They contain summaries of both epics. No authorized translation of the Ramayana or Mahabharata is available on the web for interested readers.


April 5, 2006:


Hare Krishna!


In celebration of Rama Navami, here is a link to visit in glories of Lord Ramacandra. Click here for the Ramayana summary. Sri Sri Sita Rama Laksmana Bhakta Hanuman ki Jaya!


March 24, 2006:


Hare Krishna!


Three new features are being introduced to KKSongs.



For Carnatic music students or enthusiasts, a melakarta chart, or the chart of the seven-two scientifically derived scales, is available for the suddha madhyamam ragas only. The prati madhyamam ragas will be included shortly. To visit the melakarta chart, go to





The authors page now has the alphabetical listing of the authors of KKSongs. If you click a particular author, you will see the alphabetical listing of the songs they have that are found on KKSongs. For authors with organized songbooks (i.e. Bhaktivinoda Thakura with Gitavali, Narottama Das Thakura with Prarthana, etc.), a link will appear directing the viewer to the respective authors’s page or text mapout. Alphabetical authors up to Mira Bai are available. To visit the Authors List, go to:






Ever wanted to learn how to how to play a song you heard at the temple? A new feature on KKSongs will allow that. A new sections called “Notations of Vaisnava Songs” will contain Indian musical notation of how to play common Vaisnava songs. A brief tutorial on how to read Indian will be available. Audio clips will be available by next week. To visit “Notations of Vaisnava Songs”, go to:




March 16, 2006:


Hare Krishna!


As of today, we crossed the 1008 mark! We are at 1010 songs in total! From fours years of this site being online, it is all Krsna’s mercy that we are able to collect so many devotional songs, bhajans, chants, and hymns all in glories of the Lord, His forms, His philosophy, and His devotees! Thank you very much to everyone who contributed, and please continually check every week this month of March to check for any new songs.


Also, the North Indian Music Page, South Indian Music Page, and Instrumental Guides will now be found on the new page put on KKSongs called the KKSongs Music Center. This also has direct links to mridanga (khol) lessons which are conducted every week on Saturday. As the course completes, the mridanga lessons will be redone to give a more wholesome look.


March 10, 2006:


Hare Krishna!


A lot of new updates have taken place.




Our site name is available on With increased popularity, will be able to make a stronger stand in the Internet community.




We have over two hundred new songs posted here from A through Z. Many more new songs are still in the process of being updated online. Please stay tuned. We have a little more than sixty more songs left till we hit the grand “1008 songs” mark at KKSongs. Thank you everyone who has contributed and given support to KKSongs through its glorious four years.




Approximately fifty-six devotional songs in Spanish have been included to KKSongs. KKSongs is the home of devotional songs glorifying Lord Krsna, His forms, and His devotees, regardless of language. Most of these Spanish devotionals are by Sripada Atulananda Acarya from the Vrinda Institute in Colombia. Most of those are poetic translations of the original Bengali or Sanskrit devotional song. The Remarks/Extra Information field will link to the original song from where the poetic translation was derived from. For the most part, you can sing the song in the same tune and rhythm and replace the words as follows. Few songs are original prayers and compositions by Atulananda Acarya. Translations for all Spanish devotional songs are available. List of Spanish songs on KKSongs is found in Pronunciation Guide.




In the authors page, Kalyana Kalpataru’s text mapout is available. In addition, Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura’s Stavamrta Lahari is ready. Srila Rupa Goswami and Srila Raghunatha Das Goswami’s major author pages are ready along with mapouts for Stavamala and Stavavali. To summarize all text-mapouts available, a text mapout page is found in the Authors page.


Hare Krishna!


February 17, 2006:


Hare Krishna!


A few new updates have taken place.


First, the ragas in the Ragamala section have been updated to a newer look to complement with the Talamala and Song lyrics format.


Next, I created a special subpage for Krsna Consciousness alone. Previously, the “Krsna Consciouness” link on the left was a Frequently Asked Questions format. Now, the Krsna Consciousness page is a subpage like our Authors, North, and South Indian music pages. In the Krsna Consciousness page are the Frequently Asked Questions and Deities link that used to appear on the left navigation bar.


The new feature on the Krsna Consciousness page is the Temple Bhajans. This is a guide to the devotional songs that are sung commonly in the temple setting.


Hare Krishna!


February 15, 2006:


Hare Krishna!


Thank you very much for your great feedback and support given since the release date one month ago! It is greatly appreciated and very inspiring in many ways! Thank you!


As the song upgrades continue, as of today (February 15, 2006), we have new additions to the listing from songs A through M.


Newer Srila Prabhupada purports have been uploaded. Please visit Srila Prabhupada’s page found on the Author’s page to see the newer uploads.


For visitors who read the tabla and khol guides, newer color photos of khol and tabla bols will be included shortly.


Hare Krishna!


February 1, 2006:


Hare Krishna!


Newer song additions have been added for letters A through G. Also more Srila Prabhupada purports have been uploaded.


Any news that is older that is fifteen days will be placed in the new “Site News” link on the navigation bar. All news, old or new, will be found there.


For Students studying khol and tabla on Saturday evenings, please visit Webmaster à Saturday Khol Students or Saturday Tabla Students.


January 22, 2006:


One week has passed and KKSongs feedback has been very informative. With many ideas sent to KKSongs, there will be more new material which will be posted as time progresses. New updates will be found here on this front page! Hare Krishna!


January 15, 2006:


Welcome to the long awaited webpage, Krsna Kirtana Songs, or KKSongs for short. This webpage is more than just a database of songs like in the previous geocities site. With over nine-hundred devotional songs in glorification of Lord Krsna, His various forms, and His devotees in many languages, each page will have the name of the song, the author, the name as it is referred to in the original text, the language, and the source.


To understand beyond the words and translations, four special pages have been created to supplement the songs. The first page is the Author’s page which contains biographies of major authors on this site, maps of their texts for easy reference, and database of all of the authors which have songs on this site. There is a page about Krsna Consciousness which contains basic points of the Krsna Consciousness philosophy. To carry the Krsna Consciousness page further, the Deities page is there. Lastly, the pronunciation guide is there to help one to pronounce Sanskrit, Braja-bhasa, and Bengali letters correctly. In addition, a small guide is there to teach how to reach Devanagari and Bengali.


For some good listening while browsing the site, there is an audio page filled with bhajans, kirtans, and instrumental pieces in classical ragas. Within that, you can click to the song, raga, or tala it is being rendered in.


For people interested in studying and understanding the music of India, this site is for you! There are two pages devoted to North Indian (Hindustani) and South Indian (Carnatic) music. Within the North Indian music page, there are two more special databases known as the Ragamala and the Talamala. Do you have a harmonium or a tabla you wish you could play? There are three full-length instrumental guides and two tutorials for five classical musical instruments.


There is more to see within this webpage. Please browse around and keep visiting this site, as there will be newer features which will come in due time.


Hare Krsna!


Krsna Dhenu (Webmaster)