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Song Name: Bhaja Bhaja Hari Mana Drdha Kari

Official Name: None

Author: Locana Dasa Thakura

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali




bhaja bhaja hari, mana dṛḍha kari, mukhe bolo tāra nāma

vrajendra-nandana gopī-prāṇa-dhana, bhuvana mohana śyāma



kakhana maribe, kemane taribe, viṣama śamana ḍāke

jāhāra pratāpe, bhuvana kāpaye, jāni mara vipāke



kula-dhana pāiyā, unmatta haiyā, āpanāke jāna baḍa

śamanera dūte, dhari, pāye hāte, bādhiyā karibe jaḍa



kivā yati satī, kivā nīca jāti, jei hari nāhi bhaje

tabe janamiyā, bhramiyā bhramiyā, raurava-narake maje



e dāsa locana, bhāve anukṣaṇa, michāi janama gela

hari bhajinu, viṣaye majinu, hṛdaye rahala śela



1) O my dear mind, with staunch faith perform hari-bhajana, without which you cannot be delivered. And with your mouth chant the names of Vrajendra-nandana, Gop-prana-dhana (the life and wealth of the gopis) and Syamasundara, whose beauty en-chants the whole material manifestation.


2) There is no certainty when your life will finish, and you also never think about your deliverance from the material world. But very fearsome Yamadutas are standing near you. Bhagavan, whose power causes the three worlds to tremble in fear, You have forgotten. This is your misfortune. Thus, you are suffering in this material world from different kinds of miseries, and now you are about to die.


3) You have become intoxicated by your high birth and wealth, thinking yourself very high class. But you have forgotten that one day the Yamadutas will take you, tying up your hands and feet.


4) So whether one is a sannyasi or a very low-caste person, without performing hari-bhajana, one will continue to rotate in the samsara and go to the hell named Raurava.


5) Locana dasa says, I have never done any hari-bhajana, having been absorbed in sense enjoyment. In this way my human form of life has been wasted. And this causes excruciating pain like a thorn piercing my heart.


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