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Song Name: Bhaja Gauranga Kaha Gauranga

Official Name: None

Author: Anonymous

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali





bhaja gaurāńga kaha gaurāńga laha gaurāńgera nāma re

je jan gaurāńga bhaje, sei (hoy) āmāra prāṇa re



gaurāńga boliyā du’ bāhu tuliyā nāciyā nāciyā beḍāo re



gāurāńga bhajile gaurāńga japile hoy duḥkhera abasāna re



Refrain: Worship Lord Gauranga! Chant Gauranga! Speak about Lord Gauranga only! Those who worships Lord Gauranga is indeed my life and soul.


1) Chanting Gauranga, go out with your arms raised dancing and dancing.


2) By chanting Gauranga and worshipping Him, one’s miseries will end.



Lord Nityananda Prabhu originally chanted the refrain of this song.


This is typically sung in the Bengali morning raga.


The alternate for the second line is the refrain is “je jan āmār gaura bhaje, sei hoy āmār prāṇ re.”


There are additional verses that are sung in bhajan style that follow the refrain. The translation and transliteration of the verses would be greatly appreciated.


UPDATED: August 9, 2016