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Song Name: Bhaja Radha Krsna Gopala

Official Name: None

Author:  Traditional

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali





bhaja rādhā-kṛṣṇa, gopāl kṛṣṇa

kṛṣṇa kṛṣṇa bolo mukhe



(nāme) buka bhare jāy, abhāb miṭāy

swabhāva jāgāy mahāsukhe



hari dina-bandhu, cira dinabandhu

jīvera cira sukhe-dukhe

bhaja re andha, caraṇāra bindha

dustar e māyāvī pāke



bhaja mūḍhamati tava cira sāthī

jāhāra karuṇā loke loke

līlāmoy hari eseche nadīyā purī

rādhār piriti loye buke



Refrain: Worship Radha Krsna! Gopala Krsna! Oh Mouth! Speak the names of “Krsna Krsna!”


1) Your heart will be filled and will not be lacking anything. Superior happiness will awaken in your nature.


2) Hari is the eternal friend of fallen souls, and accompanies the spirit soul during happiness and distress. O spiritually blind people, worship Lord Hari and bind yourself to His lotus feet, for it is difficult to escape once Maya finds you.


3) O people of foolish mentality! Worship Lord Hari, who is Your eternal companion, whose mercy is known throughout the worlds. Lord Hari, who relishes various pastimes, is coming to the city of Nadiya with loving heart of Srimati Radharani.


Remarks/ Extra Information:

This song is found in a Bengali tape of Krishna bhajans found on This is also a song found from an old Bengali film “Nilacala Mahaprabhu.”


UPDATED: June 6, 2017