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Song Name: Hamari Swamini Radhe Rani

Official Name: None

Author: Krpalu Dasa

Book Name: None

Language: Braja Bhasa




hamārī swāminī rādhe rānī!



śrīvṛṣabhānu kiśorī, bhorī, sarala prema-sukha-khānī,



śrībarasāno nitya dhāma aru, vṛndāvana rajadhānī,



sakhina jūtha sanga, nita prati navarasa, barasāvati manamānī,



tāla, tamāla, rasāla bola nita, "rādhe, rādhe" vāṇī,



siḿhāsana ārūdha calata jaba, karata brahma agavānī,



lakhi 'kṛpālu' balijāta kahata hari, 'jayati! jayati! maharāṇī!'



Refrain) My All in all is my Precious Radha Rani. She alone is our eternal Mistress and She is our ever worshippable goddess and Divine Consort.


1) Srimati Radhika, the darling Daughter of King Vrishbhanu, is always youthful. Her natural, simple, sweet, innocent Personality is the mine of Divine Love and the treasure-house of Divine Bliss.


2) The Blessed village of Varsana is our eternal Abode and the enchanting Divine Vrindavana is privileged to become the Royal Capital for Amorous pastimes.


3) Along with Her intimate eternal Associates and their groups of unlimited playmate Sakhis, Sri Radhaji, continuously rains down the torrential currents of Bliss of Prema Rasa, according to Her loving moods and ecstasies.


4) In that Land of Love, only one sound is ever echoing, the mantra of "Radhe! Radhe! Radhe!", as the sacred palm trees, dark tamala trees and delicious mango trees, absorbed in their meditational trance, chanting loudly the Divine Name of their Beloved.


5) When Sri Radhika visits the enchanting garden bowers of Vrindavana, seated on a golden throne and carried by Her loving servants, the Supreme Personality of Godhead walks in front of the procession recounting with pride, Her unlimited Glories to all.


6) Overwhelmed with Love, just by looking at His Soul, Sri Radha, Lord Krishna surrenders Himself totally to Her incomprehensible charms and Her inconceivable, fathomless Divine Love and Krpalu dasa loudly proclaims in spiritual ecstasy, "All glories to My great Queen, all glories to My Radha Rani!"


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