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Song Name: He Govinda He Gopala He Dayal Lal

Official Name: None

Author: Nanak

Book Name: None

Language: Punjabi





he govinda he gopāla
he dayāl lāl (jī)


prāṇ nāth anāth sakhe
dīna darda nivār (jī)


he samartha agam pūraṇa
moha māyā tāra (jī)


andha-kūpa mahābhayānaka
nānaka pāra utāra (jī)


WORD FOR WORD TRANSLATION: He Govinda He Gopala He Dayal Lal



Refrain: Oh Govinda, the Lord of the Cows! Oh Gopala! Oh Merciful Lord! Oh Young Darling Boy! Oh Krsna!


1) You are the Lord of our orphaned souls. You are the redeemer of the fallen souls.


2) Oh Lord of infinite power and glories! You are the redeemer of the soul covered in illusion and attachment.


3) In the very dangerous abyss of darkness, please redeem Nanak by crossing this pit.


Remarks/ Extra Information:

This bhajan was introduced from the ISKCON Golden Avatar recording of “Samarpan” in 1984, by Jagjit and Chitra Singh.


The author, Nanak, was the founder of Sikhism. The rendering of this song was in Raga Bhupali in Dadra Tala.


UPDATED: November 7, 2015