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Song Name: Kaun Gali Gaye Syama

Official Name: None

Author: Traditional

Book Name: None

Language: Braja Bhasa




kaun gali gaye śyāma (sakhi re)

kaun gali gaye śyāma (are) batāde gvaiyāń



gokula dhūṇḍho vṛndāvana dhūṇḍho

mathurā vahāń gaye śyāma (ho)

batāde gvaiyāń

kaun gali gaye śyāma



1) Oh sakhis! What town did Syama go? Oh please tell me, cowherd girls! Please tell me, what town did Syama go?


2) I searched all over Gokula and I searched all over Vrndavana! Alas, Syama went over there. Over to Mathura! Tell me, cowherd girls. Where did Syama go?



I received this song from the Thumri Evolutions which had nice Krsna lila songs. This song was sung by Pandit Birju Maharaja.


UPDATED: June 28, 2009