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Song Name: Sakhi Gana Meli Ye Karala

Official Name: Song 71

Author: Govinda Dasa Kaviraja

Book Name: Padavali

Language: Bengali




sakhī-gaṇa meli ye karala payāṇa

kautuke keli-kuṇḍe abagāna



jala-māha paiṭhala sakhī-gaṇa meli

duhu jana samara karala jala-keli



bichurala kuntala jarajara ańga

gahana samare de-i nāgara bhańga



sakhī-gaṇa beḍhala nāgara-canda

gobinda-dāsa heri raha dhandha



1) The gopis assemble and depart. They joyfully enter the waters of the pastime lake.


2) The gopis meet in the midst of the waters. The divine couple enjoys many water pastimes. Playfully They fight in the water.


3) Their hair becomes disheveled. Their limbs are filled with bliss. In a furious duel, the hero Krsna defeats His gopi beloved.


4) The gopis surround Krsna, the moon of heroes, and attack Him from all sides. Watching, Govinda dasa is filled with wonder.



This song is sung in Raga Dhanasri.


UPDATED: July 9, 2009